banking in Dubai
2013-08-29 05:01:11

Having a bank account in Dubai will help you manage your finance. Here is how to proceed to open your new bank account in Dubai.

If you live and work in Dubai, you will need to open a local bank account to be able to receive your salary. In this article, informs you regarding how to proceed.

In Dubai, it is not complicated to open a bank account. You simply need to ensure that you meet some of the requirements in terms of documentation. As an expatriate living and working in Dubai, you will need a local bank account to receive your monthly salary from your employer. As soon as you receive your resident visa and work permit, you can start the proceedings to open a bank account.


You will need to be the holder of a resident visa in order to be eligible to open a bank account in Dubai. When selecting which bank to open an account with, it is advisable that you check their requirements, fees, and other procedures.


All banks in Dubai will require you to be physically present to open a bank account.

In general, you will have to produce the following documents :

  • a copy of your passport
  • a copy of your resident visa or work permit
  • a copy of your Emirates ID card
  • a NOC (No-Objection) letter or a salary letter from your employer or sponsor

You may also ask the bank to send one of their representatives to your home or your office. This will save you a trip to the bank and you can set the appointment at a time that’s convenient to you.

Banking in Dubai

There are various banks to choose from as well as different procedures and requirements for each. Bank fees and other services may also differ, therefore it is good to check well before you make a decision. As the UAE is part of the Arab world, there are Islamic banking services available governed by the Shari’a Law.

Another factor that can influence your choice is the proximity of ATMs to your usual environment.

Exchanging foreign currency or remitting money in the United Arab Emirates is commonly done. Due to this, money changers are at your disposal to facilitate these transactions. If you need to send money to your home country, this is possible through money changers services or through your local bank. When remitting money through money changers, you might be asked to produce a copy of your Emirates ID and proof of income.

 Good to know:

Note that you have to be the holder of a resident visa as proof of your legal presence in the country to be allowed to open a bank account.  

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