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Finding a job in Dubai may not be such a difficult task if you know where to start from. Find a few tips in this article.

If you are looking for a job in Dubai, note that there are no national employment agencies in the country. However, you can find job ads in the newspapers (The Gulf News, for instance). Don't hesitate the consulate or embassy of your home country established in Dubai, register with temporary staffing agencies or recruitment agencies, use the Internet and develop your own network! 

Don't forget to adapt your CV and cover letter to local standards. 

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Jobs in Dubai

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Small earth, Mauritius
3 years ago

hiiii... i would like to do a job as a lab technician in either dubai or saudi arabia. So i have contacted a consultancy in my place. I asked them whether i need to pay anything, they said their services are free and they will be paid by the hospitals itself. is that true ?? will they really pay to them, or they are bluffing me ?? please help me in this case at your earliest. Thank you very much!!

last year

I will suggest you go either to the professional job consultants website register and find jobs and also go to the websites of hospitals as they sometimes advertise for vacancies existing in the hospitals, you can try also in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, nut remember they are both expensive places so dont settle for a very less salary.


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