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Study in Turkey


Do you dream of pursuing your higher studies in Turkey? Find out in this article an overview of the Turkish education system.

For several years, Turkey has been welcoming young foreigners from across the globe. In fact, apart from professional opportunities, the country also attracts students wishing to pursue their higher studies in a friendly environment along with discovering different cultures and lifestyles. So if you wish to move to Turkey, you can enroll in one of its numerous universities or higher education institutes.


In Turkey, compulsory schooling lasts 8 years, which corresponds to primary level. In fact, children study in primary school from 6 to 14 years old. Note that education in free of charge in Turkey since 2004. The school curriculum as well as books are determined by the national Ministry of Education. The official teaching language is Turkish.

Children are assessed throughout the year with oral and written tests. A primary education diploma is delivered at the end of the primary schooling period.

As regards less than 6 years old children, they can be enrolled in nurseries or preprimary schools. In fact, nurseries generally welcome children as from 3 years. There, they begin their socialization process through learning the Turkish language, reading and writing, as well as educational games, etc.

You are likely to find foreign and international schools in major Turkish cities, namely in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.


The Turkish higher education system consists of universities, higher education institutes, faculties, application and research centers, conservatories, professional schools and higher schools, etc. Turkey hosts some 146 local universities which are involved in research and higher studies. These offer a common academic curriculum: from the first to the third cycle in numerous fields.

Higher studies institutes also entitle students to a first cycle diploma while others prepare students to obtain professional diplomas. You may also find distance learning institute, namely the Anadolu University.

Note that different further studies institutes are managed independently at administrative and academic levels. However, these are controlled by the Yükseköğretim Kurulu (YOK), that is the Turkish Higher Studies Council.

The university year is divided into two semesters, the 1st starting in September and ending in February and the 2nd starting in February and ending in June. You can also register for the summer session, which is optional, which lasts between July and August.


If you wish to enroll in a particular university, you have to apply at the concerned institute which will determine the number of available seats. Different criteria may apply: the student's home country's national examinations, international examinations, copies of results, entry test, etc. These may vary from one university to another. You will find more information on the YOK website

Note that you will have to obtain an equivalency with the YOK if you wish to pursue higher medical studies in the country after taking part in the medical specialization course entry test.

As regards university fees, these are increased every year. You will need some US$ 1250 to US$ 2 500 if you wish to enroll in a public university. Private university fees may be ten times more expensive.

 Good to know:

Foreign students have to obtain a study visa to be able to stay and study in Turkey.

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