Leisure activities in Istanbul


If you are moving to Istanbul, you are probably wondering how to spend your leisure time. There is so much to enjoy in this major Turkish city, from monuments to archaeological sites, as well as plenty of other leisure activities. Istanbul can offer all that you are seeking in terms of lifestyle, culture and history.


Istanbul often hosts musical performances, namely at the St Irene Church and at the Topkapi Palace. You are likely to enjoy various musical genres in this city, such as techno, rock, jazz, etc.

Places of interest

Istanbul's places of interest are generally open on week days as during weekend from 8 am to 7 pm, and to 5 pm in winter. As regards museums, you can pay a visit on any week day, except on Monday. The Topkapi Palace and the Saint Savior, however, are closed on Tuesdays.

Moreover, the Sultanahmet district is definitely a place to visit. It is found on a hill in Istanbul and is known to be the country's cultural and political center. There you will find, among other, the Blue Mosque which is world famous for its architecture. You might as well visit the Hagia Sophia.


Whether you are visiting or settling in Istanbul, you should certainly visit one of its famous hammams. It is an ideal place to relax and discover a new lifestyle within a steam bath. Hammams are generally open on alternate days to men and women. Some hammams even have separate rooms so that everyone can enjoy these exotic steam baths. Note that only tourist hammams are open to both men and women on the same days.


If you are moving to Istanbul with your family, that is with your children, you may take them to visit museums and other places of attractions. Tourist guides are available on the internet. You can check these in advance so as to determine where you could take them.

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