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Find out, in this article, which are the main recruiters in Yanbu as you will need a job to be able to settle there.

Yanbu, which is found near the Red Sea, is deemed to be a port and industrial city. To date, its population amounts to some 200,000 inhabitants, including many foreigners which have settled there for professional reasons. Among them, you will find Asians, Europeans, Americans, Canadians, as well as other Middle-East nationals having been recruited mainly in the oil refining and petrochemical fields.

The city can boast of its contribution in Saudi Arabia's industrialization due to the presence of many factories and industries which are found over some 24 km of coastline and 7 km inland. Yanbu also hosts an international airport since 2009.


Some 185 km² in Yanbu is reserved for industrial use. In fact, it hosts some 32 hydrocarbon, petrochemical and mineral industries, as well as some 51 small and medium enterprises. Currently, some 14 primary and secondary plants are being planned and set up across this zone. Moreover, the city's authorities have received some 30 investment requests since some time.

Note that Yanbu is an accomplished city as it supports many facilities, including flood control channels, an electrical energy production factory, a sea water desalination plant which serves not only industries but households also, as well as a sea water pumping station which is used for cooling industrial infrastructure as well as the treatment of industrial and wastewater. Other developed areas are the following: the road network, the King Fahd industrial port, the telecommunications network, cable television, telex, etc.

Furthermore, primary industries in Yanbu produce the raw materials needed by secondary industries. These include methane, carbon dioxide, diesel, ethylene, glycol xylene, oxygen, etc. As regards secondary industries, these are dominated by the mining and petrochemical fields. Other fields such as solar technology, painting and metallurgy have also been developing over the years. The manufacturing industry, which initially relied on the production of building materials such as concrete recently opened its doors to other related industries, as well as to food, chemicals, steel and cooking oil production.

Finally, the King Fahd port, which is known to be the Red Sea's biggest port, specializes in the transport of crude oil, refined products and petrochemicals. This port's infrastructure is similar to an industrial complex so as to meet the needs of liquid and solid products export towards international markets. It also facilitates the import of equipment and mechanical components.

 Good to know:

Foreigners who are specialized in the construction field may be luckier during their job search in Yanbu. In fact, many projects are currently ongoing in the city, such as a sea excavation project, a marine drainage on the waterfront, and many others. Road infrastructure development, drinking water and electrical systems, recreational sites, parks, etc, should follow shortly. These are expected to create thousands of jobs.

Find a job

If you have not been transferred to Yanbu by your company, you can still try to find a job there by various means. In fact, the city's official portal provides a lot of information regarding vacancies and employment in the region. But you can also search for jobs on the Internet via specialized job websites and professional social networks. Note that candidates who are qualified and skilled in the petrochemical, refining and construction fields will have more chances of being hired in Yanbu.

Finally, word of mouth and expat forums can also help you throughout your search and provide you with useful tips.


Make sure to write your resume in English and to update it according to US standards before sending your job application.

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