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Khobar is quite open to foreign expertise. But how to proceed to find a job there? Find out in this article.

Al-Khobar, also known as Khobar, makes up the Ash Sharqiyah province's triangle cities along with Dharhan and Dammam. These are, in fact, Eastern Saudi Arabia's major cities, attracting foreigners from across the globe. Having been a small fishing port over the past centuries, Khobar has gradually turned into industrial port due to the presence of the petroleum industry.


Over the years, the city got transformed into a commercial hub, thus becoming a key player in the country's economy. One of its main activities is goods and passengers transports. Along with being a major transit spot, Khobar also relies heavily on the import and export fields.

Khobar also hosts many banking and financial institutions, as well as hotels. You are also likely to find many international firms there which are turning into one of the country's leading business and commercial hubs. The transformation of industrial gases, the dairy, carbonated water, paper, silk production, as well as garments, are other important economic pillars.

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Khobar can almost be qualified as an international trade center due to the presence of many foreigners there. In fact, you can not only find accommodation but also many international goods and products there.

Expatriates community

Most foreigners in Khobar choose to live in secure communities and compounds. Most of these are found outside the city center, especially near the King Khaled Street. There, most complexes are occupied by European nationals, especially those having been transferred by British Aerospace.

In fact, Khobar seems to be the country's most expat-friendly city due to the presence of many leisure activities and complexes close to huge shopping malls. You can also enjoy beaches such as the Half Moon Beach. Note that Khobar's compounds generally provide more cultural freedom to foreigners than anywhere else in the country.

Find a job

Most expatriates in Khobar have been transferred to their international company's Saudi branch. But qualified professionals in the oil and gas fields can try their luck with major companies operating across the city. Job prospects also exist in other fields such as import and export, health care, etc. Feel free to send spontaneous job applications to companies which might interest you.

Moreover, Internet will be your greatest search tool thanks to general and specialized job websites. You can also register on social networks, or even with recruitment agencies in Khobar.

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