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Riyadh is definitely the most popular destination in Saudi Arabia regarding expatriation. But how to move around the city? Find out in this article.

If you intend to settle in Riyadh, which is Saudi Arabia's capital city, you will probably have to move around the city. You can either drive your own car if you have a valid driver's license or opt for public transport. In fact, Riyadh hosts a range of means of transports from which you can choose according to your needs: buses, taxis, limousines, as well as a railway network.

As regards road infrastructures, you will be delighted to travel on the city's modern long and wide roads, including the main axes consisting of the Mecca and King Fadh highways. These connect the East to the West and the North to the South respectively.


You can choose between SAPTCO, which is the state owned bus company, and private companies if you prefer to travel by bus. In general, low income families prefer to travel by buses provided by private companies from home to their place of work and back.

As regards SAPTCO buses, these also cover long distances till neighboring cities such as Medina, Buraida, Taif, Makkah, Dammam and Hofuf. Some of these even cross Saudi borders till Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Syria.

Taxi limousine

Taxis limousines can be found anywhere across the city, mainly on main roads. You can simply wave at them to request the driver to stop. However, fares cannot be negotiated as most taxis are equipped with a taxi meter. In general, rates start as from 5 riyals. Advance booking is also possible provided you clearly indicate the pickup place to the driver. Note that most taxi drivers in Riyadh are English-speaking.


The Riyadh train network connects the city to Damman, Hofuf, etc., within 4 hours. Note that women must be accompanied by their husband if they wish to travel by train.

Most trains are clean and comfortable. You will also have the opportunity to discover the famous Sanaiya train station. However, advance booking is recommended, at least 24 hours before the intended travel date.

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Street taxi guys are entirely different, they don't have a fixed charge.Each driver says different charge for same location. From my experience, ask and fix the taxi fare before you sit inside the car. If they want 50 SAR then tell them "I will give 25"(You will get him by 25 to 30 :P ) Done :)

2 years ago

About Taxi: I'm going to disagree that fares can not be negotiated. Most taxi drivers even if they have a taximeter prefer not to use it. Taxi apps such as Uber and its local alternative - Careem are quite popular and much more convenient that street taxi: fixed low fares and usually good cars.


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