Phones and Internet in Saudi Arabia


If you are moving to Saudi Arabia, you will probably need a phone and an Internet connection. Here is an overview of the country's telecommunications network.

By choosing to move to Saudi Arabia, you will be going far from your friends and relatives in your home country. Hence, telecommunications will be a major issue once you have settled. Be assured that Saudi Arabia's telecommunications network has nothing to envy to European standards. Thus, you can choose whether you wish to obtain a land line, a mobile phone, internet, or all of these.


The Saudi Telecom Company has the exclusivity regarding land line networks. So if you want to obtain a land line, visit one of its branches along with the following documents:

  • your Iqama (resident permit)
  • proof of address (matching the one mentioned on your Iqama).

You may as well perform the request by calling the 907 or on STC's website. Note that installation fees should amount to 300 riyals. As regards subscription fees, you will have to pay a monthly 100 riyals. You can also view your phone bills on the STC website if you do not wish to receive it by post every four months.

In order to facilitate bills settlement, STC offers online payment via its website, and even payment by direct debit, by phone, from ATM machines and bank counters, as well in its branches.


STC offers a range of internet connections including dial-up modems, ADSL, and even wireless connection. You may as well opt for a combined package: internet access, land line and mobile telephony. Contracts generally have a one year duration minimum. As regards billing, you can choose between a fixed package, monthly billing or according to your consumption. You will also have to produce your Iqama for subscription.

Mobile phones

Zain, Saudi Telecom and Mobily: these are actually the country's main mobile service, offering several packages (fixed contract, prepaid contract or prepaid plan) for all needs and budgets.

As per the fixed contract, you will have to pay a monthly bill for calls, text messages, as well as for data transmission and reception. Once the package is over, additional minutes will be charged on the next bill.

The prepaid contract entitles you to a fixed airtime, number of text messages as well as data transmission. You can recharge your account through scratch cards when it is over. Make sure you read your contract before signing so as to know when you will be allowed to terminate your subscription without penalty.

The prepaid plan, for its part, allows you to recharge your phone credit whenever you want through scratch cards, at bank counters or ATM machines, or on the service provider's website. You can also purchase a smartphone at your service provider's outlet.

To obtain a mobile internet connection, it is best to subscribe with either Mobily or Zain. Note that you will be required to produce your Iqama.

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