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Find in this article some tips to help you find accommodation in Khobar, one of the major Saudi cities.

Al Khobar, also known as Khobar, is one of the Eastern Province's and one of Saudi Arabia's major cities. It has been attracting foreigners worldwide for several years due to the professional opportunities it provides, mainly in the fields of import and export activities. Moreover, it is the city when foreigners, as well as locals, have more freedom. For instance, women are authorized to go out without having to cover their head due to the Western influence on its inhabitants.

Accommodation will probably be one of your main concerns if you are planning to settle in Khobar. At first, you will be residing in the compound unit provided by your company or sponsor. But you can shift to an independent housing after some time if your employment contract allows you to do so.


Khobar not only hosts numerous shops offering Western, Asian and South American products, but also public and private hospitals, banks, hotels etc. Moreover, families will be able to enjoy gardens with picnic areas, as well as beaches such as Al-Aziza, Sunset Beach, Half Moon Bay, etc., which are only a drive away.

One of the most popular neighborhoods with expatriates is the Corniche, where you can find everything in terms of amenities, clothing, food, catering, leisure, etc. Khobar is also ideal for socialization, particularly with expatriates. Many organizations such as PAWS, the American Business Association, the Petroleum Club, the Rotary Club, Geologists and Geophysics, Earth Science groups, are present there.

Types of accommodation and rent

You can choose between compounds and apartments. Most of these, especially villas, are generally furnished and equipped. Apartments, for their part, will provide only basic furniture and appliances. Hence, you will have to buy some.

As regards rent prices, there are rather affordable in Khobar although they vary according to the type of accommodation, neighborhood, comfort level, furniture and appliances provided, etc. Thus, you will need an average of $ 7,800 for a two bedroom apartment along with a maintenance service.

Find accommodation

During your housing search in Khobar, you can view offers on the Internet or contact real estate agencies available across the city. You can also rely on word-of-mouth if you have friends and contacts on the spot. Indeed, your colleagues can give you and insight about vacant housing units and rent prices.

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Small earth, Mauritius
3 years ago

Hello all, I just arrived Khobar and looking for one bed accommodation in khobar any support will help. Bmeme

2 years ago

I myself am looking for one, but strangely at present I am not able to find a good one. . . . . I dont know why but these days the rents seem to be too much.. ...

4 months ago

hence you are new, I advice both of you not be very elegant. you can stay in a bed space accommodation at lower price (400SR to 700SR). then search better one after month while working.


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