2015-03-09 13:13:15

Despite being a small country, Qatar has a very developped health care system consisting of public and private hospitals and clinics, etc.

Wondering about health care services for expatriates in Qatar? Here is an overview of the health care system.

  Non-residents must get a private health insurance before their leaving for Qatar. Click here to get an online and personalized free quotation!


If you suffer from a chronic disease requiring continuing care, you can get your medicines in Qatar, thus ensuring the continuity of your treatment. However, medicines brand names may vary locally. As a consequence, try to find a local doctor speaking your language for more advice and safety. You can contact the embassy or consulate of your home country established in Qatar to get a list of doctors speaking your language. Note that certain drugs like antidepressants are banned in Qatar. 

  Useful addresses: 

You will find addresses of most hospitals and health care centers on the Hamad Medical Corporation website

  Emergency number in Qatar: 

For all emergencies: 999 

  Useful links: 

Hukoomi - Health Card application www.gov.qa
Hamad Medical Corporation www.hamad.qa
Hukoomi - Qatar Supreme Coucil of Health www.gov.qa/wps//portal?New_WCM_Context=/wps/wcm/connect/cnt/EN/1_Home/14_Ministries_and_Authorities

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