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Are you looking for a job in Qatar? Find, in this article, an overview of its labor market and some tips to guide you during your search. 

There are many job opportunities in Qatar, but it should be noticed that there are often more candidates than available job vacancies. It is therefore important to take one's application very seriously in order to stand out from the crowd and get noticed! 


When you send a resume to an employer in Qatar, be concise, precise, organized and original. Avoid unnecessary information, pay attention to the style and the formatting. It is customary to attach a photo to your CV. 

Finally, adapt your CV for each application, do not reuse the same model that could sometimes prove inadequate. Check your CV carefully and avoid typing or spelling mistakes. 

The cover letter must serve as a complement to your CV. Your cover letter should also highlight your writing skills, your ability to summarize and your ability to "advertize" yourself. It must be tailored to the company you are sending your application to, and to the desired position. The cover letter can be typed, except if a handwritten letter is specifically requested. It is then up to you to put the emphasis on your personal and professional skills and explain why your application is particularly relevant to the position you are applying to. 

If writing a CV and a cover letter causes you some troubles, you can order a professional resume for a few euros. You can find many professional CV writing services on the Internet.

Find a job

As explained in the article "Work visa in Qatar", it is necessary to get a valid job offer prior to any settlement in Qatar. 

To find job offers in Qatar from abroad, browse the Internet to find websites dedicated to employment in Qatar like Monster jobs, Stepstone, or Espace Emploi International. 

Many other websites are available like All Qatar Jobs or Jobs in Qatar. 

If you send unsolicited applications, it may be useful to refer to the Qatar yellow pages

Contact the chamber of commerce and/or the embassy or consulate of your country established in Qatar in order to get job listings or useful addresses if applicable. You can also contact the embassy or consulate of Qatar in your area to find out more about the local labour market and to get information about work visa procedures.

In Qatar, headhunters and recruitment agencies have an important role to play for local companies. Indeed, their task is to find the best candidates to fill up positions where highly specific skills are required like in the gas, oil, or chemical industries. Major international headhunter companies are established in Qatar. Contact them and submit your CV!

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British-Arab chamber of commerce www.abcc.org.uk
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Qatar Yellow Pages www.qatcom.com

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