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Parks, theaters, concerts, museums, shopping centers... Here is a non-exhaustive list of leisure activities available in Doha.

Doha, Qatar's capital and most active city, provides a range of leisure activities to its inhabitants as well as expatriates. Find out more in this article.

Doha is a rich city in all aspects. Besides the numerous professional opportunities it provides, the Qatari capital city also hosts a huge natural and cultural heritage which you can discover during your stay. In fact, Doha offers a range of leisure activities, both for tourists and locals and for all ages. Whether you are a nature or culture lover, you will definitely not get bored during your leisure time.

History and culture

Doha is above all a cultural city. Indeed, it hosts many cultural institutions and places of interest, including the Archaeological Museum, the National Museum, the Islamic Art Museum, the Orientalist Museum, etc. You will also find the Heritage Village which is the reconstruction of an Arab village. Note that the Islamic Arts Museum also includes a huge green lawn surrounded by palm trees and a children's playground. The museum's courtyard also provides a stunning view of the Arabian Sea.

In terms of cultural entertainment, Doha offers many facilities such as cinema halls, theaters, concerts and much more. Moreover, many local and international artists regularly perform in the city's bars and pubs. Foreigners can also enjoy numerous major musical events throughout the year, except during Ramadan. Among these, you have the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, the Qatar Foundation tours, the Doha Municipal Orchestra and famous Jazz concerts.

As regards cinema, you can enjoy some 25 halls in 5 complexes, including 3D halls. Doha also hosts major international film events every year such as the Tribeca Film Festival and the Al Jazeera Documentary Film Festival.

Nature and parks

If you prefer to relax or have a family picnic, consider visiting the numerous natural and recreation parks which are available across the city. Aspire, which is the most popular one, is an ideal place if you are looking for a safe sports infrastructure with all required facilities, as well as coffee shops and sport accessories boutiques. Other parks such as the Al Bidda Park which is found in Al-Rumailah, opposite the Corniche, the 4 Huwaila parks, the Busamra park and the Barzan Olympic Park are also very popular. These host facilities for children and adults, including health walks and playgrounds.


Shopping will undoubtedly be one of your favorite hobbies if you intend to stay in Doha for some time. In fact, the capital city hosts numerous gigantic shopping malls such as The Mall, City Center Doha, Villagio, Landmark Mall, Royal Plaza, Lagoona Mall, etc. The Pearl, for its part, is famous for its international brands and luxury boutiques, as well as independent professional stylists.

Most of these malls include several stores with international boutiques, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, kiosks, florists, jewelers, exchange bureaus, gyms, photo studio, among others, not to mention large parking lots.

For cheaper and traditional shopping, you can visit “souks” where you will find all types of craft and traditional products such as incense, spices, lanterns, clothing, footwear, souvenirs, fruits and vegetables, as well as traditional dishes with typical local flavors. You can also enjoy a “shisha” with friends, or attend seasonal shows and festivals.

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