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How to apply for a land line in Qatar? What about mobile phones? Here is some information regarding formalities.

Nowadays, telecommunications are an essential part of our everyday lives. This also applies to any expatriation project as you definitely want to keep in touch with family and friends abroad once you are in your host country. Like most Gulf countries, Qatar has a highly developed telecommunications network which will allow you to make and receive calls and text messages easily. You can decide whether you prefer a fixed line, mobile phone or both according to your needs.

 Good to know:

Ooredoo, formerly Qatar Telecom (Qtel) had monopolized the country's telecommunications market for long before being joined recently by Vodafone.

Land line

To obtain a land line, simply visit any Ooredoo branch with your identification documents, that is your ID card, your passport and your residence permit. You will be given a form which you will have to duly fill and sign. You will also need to provide your bank account number if you wish to settle your bills by direct debit. By choosing Vodafone, on the other hand, you will also be required to produce a copy of your lease documents.

Once these formalities have been completed, you will receive a customer number. A technician will call at your place by the following week for the installation. However, make sure to give them a reminder phone call. Note that fees apply.

As regards call rates, these are free of charge for calls made from a land line to another with the same supplier.

 Good to know:

Land lines in Qatar are bound by a minimum three months duration contract. But it can vary depending on the length of stay in the country.

Useful numbers

Emergency services: 999

Ooredoo call center: 111

Information Service: 180

Calling abroad from Qatar: dial 00 country code area code or city code phone number without the initial "0"

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are more popular than land lines in Qatar, especially with foreigners. You can choose between a prepaid package and a subscription. The prepaid SIM card, which is also known as the “Hala Card” is available at Ooredoo branches. Documents to be produced are your ID card and your residence permit. On buying the “Hala Card”, you will be entitled to some free airtime.

To activate the service, you need to call 121. Once your credit has run out, you can buy “Hala” refills which are available as from QR 30 at post offices and many shops, supermarkets, etc.

If you prefer subscription, you will be entitled to a minimum of three months period contract. But you also have to pay a monthly subscription fee apart from communication charges. However, calls and short texts are cheaper. As regards phone bills, these can be settled at Ooredoo branches, post offices or online.

 Good to know:

The Qatar mobile phone numbers usually start with 33, 55, 66 or 77 while land line numbers start with 44.

Phone booths

Although the phone market is growing continuously, you can still find phone booths in strategic locations such as shopping malls. These generally require prepaid cards which are available as from RQ 10. These prepaid cards are valid for one year as from the date of first use.

 Useful links:

Ooredoo www.ooredoo.qa
Vodafone www.vodafone.qa

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