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Doha's labor market is very open to qualified and non-qualified foreigners especially due to its accelerated economic growth.

Are you looking for a job in Doha? Here is some information on the capital city's economy and labor market.

During recent years, Doha has developed from a fish-dependent city into a leading professional and economic destination. In fact, Qatar's capital city continues to attract foreigners worldwide due to its wealth and the numerous career opportunities it provides. Thus, working in Doha has become as famous and rewarding as working in many European and American countries. Having professional experience in a Gulf country will definitely be an asset during your international job search. But if you want to work in Doha, take the time to inquire on its labor market and on employment conditions.

Note that Doha is known to be Qatar's economic hub, along with accommodating 80% of the country's population, that is more than 800,000 inhabitants, including a large number of foreigners.


Being Qatar's economic center, Doha is in currently and continuously undergoing development. Its economy is based on many sectors, namely oil, natural gas, fishing, as well as information and communication technology. Moreover, local authorities have started an extensive modernization program so as to make it even more dynamic and prosperous. Hence, Doha hosts many large international firms such as General Electric, Microsoft, Total, EADS, etc., as well as a Science and Technological Park.

Although Doha does not rely on tourism, you are likely to find many hotels, gigantic office buildings and shopping centers, as well as the Al-Jazeera television channel office there.

 Good to know:

Doha is now preparing to host several Football World Cup matches in 2022 after having hosted several events including the Asian Games in 2006, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Committee in 2014. Development projects are already underway.

Labor market

Working in Doha offers several advantages, including the affordable cost of living and attractive salaries. Indeed, Doha is a fast growing city and its labor market is very open to qualified and skilled foreigners. But less skilled and inexperienced foreigners are also welcome. Note, moreover, that the local work force consists of a majority of expatriates from around the globe.

Local authorities aim at creating more jobs for foreigners in the coming years, particularly in the private sector. It goes without saying that most Qatari employees work in the public sector due to the attractive salaries and other facilities provided. Therefore, you may be hired in many fields such as the oil and gas industry, information and communication technology, finance, engineering, construction, hospitality and education. Opportunities also exist in trade and the informal sectors.

Find a job

There are different ways to find a job in Doha. You can start by viewing job offers on the Internet, especially on professional social networks. If you have local contacts, word-of-mouth can also be very helpful.

To have more chances of finding a job according to your profile, consider registering with a recruitment agency. You can find these on the Internet and in Yellow pages.

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