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Where to stay in Doha? What are the types of housing available? Here are some tips to guide you through the city.

Ad-Dawa, also known as Doha is Qatar's capital and biggest city. To date, it hosts more than 80% of the Qatari population, that is some 800,000 inhabitants, including a growing number of expatriates. Due to its rapid growth, Doha provides not only numerous career prospects but also a range of accommodation options for all tastes and budgets.

Therefore, finding accommodation should not be difficult if you are planning to settle there. However, take the time to inquire about its different neighborhoods and the cost of living before taking any decision.

 Good to know:

Besides being the country's economic hub, Doha also hosts government offices as well as an Education district which includes many educational and research institutions.


Stretching over some 132.1 km2, Doha is divided into several districts, including Al Assiry, Al Bidda, Madinat Khalifa, West Bay, Al Rayyan, Al Sadd, among others. Note that Doha is a quite compact city. But it is growing very quickly so as to become the country's main destination in terms of expatriation, especially in terms of safety and environment, except in industrial areas.

Doha Al Muntazah, Bin Mahmoud Al Sadd, Landmark, Al Rayyan, Najma, Salwa Road, West Bay, as well as The Pearl, which is one of the city's latest development projects, are the most popular neighborhoods. Al Muntazah, which is found in the city center, includes new residential complexes and office buildings. You are likely to find many housing options there at affordable prices. Al Sadd, for its part, it the city's most active areas, including restaurants, cafes, shops, office buildings and apartments.

Landmark and Al Rayyan are ideal areas for expatriates with their villas and compounds surrounded by parks and shopping malls. These are close to the Education City where you will find many international schools. Bin Mahmoud, which is nearer to the city center, is also very charming and active, providing more affordable housing than in other neighborhoods. In general, companies rent apartments there for their foreign employees.

As for West Bay, Salwa Road, Villagio, Al Dafna, not to mention The Pearl, are chic areas of the city, popular not only for their homes and modern buildings but also in terms of facilities and services you will find, including restaurants, shops, shopping centers, banks, among others.

Types of accommodation

You will find various types of accommodation in Doha, namely, hotels, apartments, villas, rooms, among others. Your choice will largely depend on your family situation and your financial means. Hotels might be the ideal option for a short stay, when you have just landed. You are likely to find different types of hotels with rates ranging from 150 to 1,500 euros per night. You will also find cheaper hotels where you will pay an average of 1,200 euros per month, as well private rooms which can cost between 50 and 100 euros per night.

As regards apartment, rent prices vary according to the comfort level and the number of rooms. Thus, you will pay an average of 3,000 per month for a medium-size apartment in Doha. Moreover, you are required to pay rent in advance, that is 12 months rent. Villas, for their part, can cost an average of 5,000 euros per month. Rent prices vary according to the comfort level and facilities attached. In general, these are equipped with swimming pools, gyms, gardens and provide a security service.

 Good to know:

Foreigners are not authorized to purchase property in Doha, except in West Bay and The Pearl. However, they can sign a lease contract a lease for a 99 years period.

Find accommodation

In many cases, your employer may provide you with accommodation. Otherwise, you can start your housing search on the Internet thanks to numerous specialized websites, online local newspapers and real estate agencies.

Note that registering with a real estate agent will help you find accommodation according to your criteria more rapidly. Also consider browsing social networks and Doha expatriation forums.

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