Finding jobs in Kuwait


I would like to give you some tips on how to market your skills to stand out from the crowd. I've learnt the secret of skills marketing & social networking and it worked many times for me:

1. Use LinkedIn ( and build a solid profile about you (Summary and skills, Previous jobs, Eduction, Certifications/Training, Awards, and Memberships)

LinkedIn is a secret weapon when it comes to:

- Building professional connections in all working fields
- Sales / Marketing will be accelerated when you find and meet prospective customers, so closing deals is faster.
- Searching for jobs
- Head hunters always use LinkedIn to find talents who have solid profiles and experience

2. is the best employment web site in the middle east.

3. Use (Kuwait Yellow Pages) and start faxing/e-mailing companies related to your field. (It worked for me)

4. Invest in printing professional looking business cards.

5. Use LinkedIn to search for companies/people in your field and set the location to "Kuwait" and the industry to the one you work in like "Marketing", and send messages/InMails asking if they are hiring, and be ready to send your CV if they agreed. (It worked many times)

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7 months ago

Thank you all for your valuable opinions.

3 years ago

just visit or see their FB page for jobs avaliable in Kuwait...NO Money charged, its a professional company that will help you get a good job based on your qualifications.

4 years ago

thank you for sharing this information with us .. but I think first of all you have to Trust God and be sure that you have \"Wasta\" :0


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