Why an expatriate health insurance plan is needed when living abroad ?

There are many reasons why people need the peace of mind of an expatriate medical insurance plan whilst they are living and/or working abroad including:

  • The standard of healthcare locally is not of sufficient quality,
  • The freedom of choice to seek the best medical care. Whether it's the choice of which hospital or doctor to use in the country you're living in, or the choice to return home for treatment or be treated in a different country.
  • Ineligibility for local/state healthcare provision,
  • Being covered in more than one country,
  • Medical treatment can be very expensive.

How to choose the right contract?

There are many different insurance providers and plans available to expats worldwide, and using an established impartial broker saves people time and effort. By researching the market on their client's behalf and using their specialist knowledge and experience your broker can give the best advice on the most appropriate solution for a given set of needs and/or budget.

How much does it cost?