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You can use your original driver's license if you are staying in Switzerland for a less than 12 months period. Find, in this article, information relating to obtain a swiss driver's license. 

Foreign nationals can drive in Switzerland with their national driving license up to 12 months. If you drive under a professional license (bus driver, truck driver etc..), it is imperative to get a Swiss license upon arrival. For more information, please refer to the "Service des Automobiles et de la Navigation" (SAN) of state of Vaud

Beyond 12 months, it is necessary to exchange your national driving license for a Swiss driving license. Depending on your origin, you will not have to take further driving examinations to get a Swiss driving license. For a complete list of supporting documents required by nationality, please refer to the SAN

How to exchange driver's license? 

It is imperative to contact the "Service des Automobiles et de la Navigation" of your canton of residence to get complete documents checklist required to exchange your driving license. To get the address of the SAN in your canton, please refer to the "Association des Services Automobiles".

Generally, the documents checklist includes: 

  • the application form completed and signed;
  • one photograph;
  • your national driver's license accompanied with an official translation if necessary; 
  • a sight test; 
  • payment of administrative fees; 
  • your residence permit. 

Particular formalities apply to professional driving licenses. Contact the SAN of your canton for more information. 

  Good to know: 

To drive on Swiss highways, it is imperative to purchase a road-fund license (CHF 40), valid for A year. You can purchase your license at Swiss borders. Pay attention to speed controls and respect speed limits in any case! 

  Useful links: 

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Office de la Circulation Routière et de la Navigation - Canton of  Berne www.pom.be.ch

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