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It is not difficult for an expatriate to open a bank account in Switzerland. You are eligible to both local and foreign currency accounts. 

It is relatively easy to open a bank account in Switzerland. In most cases, it will be necessary to bring proofs of identity like a passport or a valid driver's license with a photo. Bank accounts are denominated in Swiss francs but it is also possible to open a bank account denominated in foreign currencies. There is generally no minimum deposit amount required to open a bank account in Switzerland.  

It is not possible to open a bank account from abroad since identity verification procedures are more difficult to perform at a distance. 


In general, Swiss banks deliver debit cards (Maestro card) without much difficulty. Checks are seldom used in the country. If you apply for a credit card in Switzerland, note that a security deposit is required. To find out more about credit cards or any other information related to how to open a bank account, directly contact the chosen bank by phone or email. 

Also note that some banking institution offer special packages for people working across the border.

For more information about the banking system in Switzerland, please visit the Swiss Bankers Association.

  Useful links: 

Banking institutions in Switzerland are numerous. Browse the web to find more banking institutions. 

Banque Cantonale de Genève www.bcge.ch
Banque Cantonale Vaudoise www.bcv.ch
Banque Cantonale du Valais www.bcvs.ch
Credit Suisse www.credit-suisse.com
HSBC Switzerland www.hsbcprivatebank.com

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