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Expatriates can easily access to sports clubs and gyms in Switzerland. Each canton has its own sports infrastructure and features.

Sport is almost a culture in Switzerland. Both men and women of all ages regularly indulge in different kinds of sports: swimming, jogging, fitness, tennis, volleyball, martial arts, etc. If you are moving there, you may enroll in a sports club or a gym. You can also access to various sports infrastructures and facilities such as football fields, stadiums, gymnasiums, swimming pools, among others.

National sports

Various sports are widespread at all levels in Switzerland. The country has many top athletes in various fields such as gymnastics, tennis and football. Switzerland has many times excelled during the Winter Olympic Games.

Ice hockey is the Swiss national sport. It is mostly famous among the Swiss youth. Swiss teams take part in the National League A.

Local context

Many other sports are practiced in different cantons according to their geography and sports facilities available. Biking, swimming, football, hockey, skiing and athletics are the country's most popular and publicized sports. Tennis, squash, hiking, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, gymnastics, and golf are also very common. Note that the different sports are grouped into a national federation or association.

You might as well prefer to enroll in a fitness or wellness club. You can also be assisted by a professional instructor. You can also find martial arts and combat sports Judo and Jujitsu clubs and dojos.

Thrilling sports

If you like thrilling sports, you will be delighted. In winter, particularly, you may go skiing, climbing, parachuting, high jumps and low jumps are also highly claimed activities.

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