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Switzerland enjoys a great natural and historical wealth which is depicted through its wonderful landscapes and parks as well as museums...

Switzerland is definitely a worthy land to explore if you are moving there. The country enjoys a spectacular scenery with lush mountains and forests, as well as a rich historical and cultural heritage. Its vast countryside and forests, national parks with scenic views are simply amazing. You can enjoy these during your leisure time through picnics, overnight camping, etc.


Swiss landscapes are world-famous worldwide, especially due to many Hollywood and Bollywood movies shot there. There is so much to discover among its vast plains and snow-capped mountains. Verzasca Dam, for instance, is one of the country's most popular places of interest. It is called Contra with its 220 meters long and 380 meters high wall. The dam is found at the Val Verzasca's entrance at a 470 meters altitude.

The Trift Bridge, which is found at a 100 meters altitude in the Alps and surrounded by a glacier, the Simplon Pass connecting the region to the Brig Valais Domodossola in northern Italy, are equally breath-taking. You will enjoy a magnificent panorama with mountains and a rich alpine flora. You can also explore the Moleson mount which stretches till Fribourg's ski area, the Zermatt to Val d'Herens glaciers, among others, not to mention the world's highest dam, that is the Great Dixence which is 285 meters high.

The Swiss part of the St. Jacques trail which is a more than 600 years old route, connects the Schwarzenburg region to Fribourg through forests, streams, ruins and ancient chapels, etc. It is known to be primarily a pilgrimage trail above all.

History and culture

To learn more on Swiss history and culture, you can visit its numerous museums. The Zurich National Museum, for instance, hosts a large collection of historical objects in a more than century-old building. You will also find cultural, art and crafts artifacts related to Swiss history from prehistory to date. The Ariana Museum, which is found in Geneva, presents the entire history of ceramics and glass making through more than 20,000 exhibits.

The Reitberg Museum, in Zurich, is the country's only art museum dedicated to foreign cultures, including Asia, Africa, America, etc. There you will discover all you need to know on ancient civilizations, cultures and religions. You can also explore the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne, the Alimentarium which is found in Vevey and founded by Nestlé, as well as the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.

Moreover, the Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista, also known as Mogno, is an elliptical church with an inclined roof. It is found in Val Maggia. It is considered as an architectural gem, at 1,180 meters altitude. The church has no window but its walls are covered with a checkerboard pattern which is made of light and dark stone strata.

Nature parks

Switzerland has many natural and national parks where you can not only relax but also go hiking or trekking. Some of these even have a safe picnic area. You can even go overnight-camping. Among these parks, we can name the Swiss national park, the parks of Beverin Chasseral, Ela, Thal, Doubs and the Entlebuch Biosphere which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as the Val Mustair Biosphere .

The Swissminiatur is a nature park which represents Switzerland in reduced format. It consists of more than a hundred reproductions of castles surrounded by magnificent botanical gardens and monuments. You will find over 15,000 flower species and some 1,500 tree species. You can also visit the the Kurpark in Bad Zurach which has a large green space surrounding a wonderful water fountain, famous for its aquatic symphony.

Amusement parks

The Swiss Steam Park, which is found near the Rhone river, has the largest miniature railway in all Europe, as well as historical and scientific geological parks. The park is ideal for children. You can also go to Juraparc, near Lausanne, the Prehistoric Park in Porrentruy, the Planet Fun near Montreux, and the Maxi Fun Sports & Adventure Park which is south of Sierre. You will enjoy various thrilling activities such as high jump, the bungee jumping, etc.

Switzerland also hosts water parks, namely the Paradise Land which consists of swimming pools, jacuzzi and special baths and a sandy beach. The Bouveret and Jungle Land water parks include artificial caves, waterfalls, wave pools, slides, and many other activities.


Switzerland is also a rich culinary heritage: wines, cheeses, chocolates, bread, among others. The country not only has thousands of vineyards and wineries but also pastures, as well as the famous Swiss chocolate and Gruyere cheese manufacturers. You will be delighted by visiting these wineries in the countryside, as well as in restaurants and bars.

Switzerland is also known for its quality fish, butchery, dairy, grocery products.

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