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Wondering how to find a job in Uppsala? Here is some useful information on its labor market.

Despite being a small city, Uppsala, located in the North of Stockholm, is the fourth biggest Swedish city. Its population amounts to some 180,000 inhabitants, including some 30,000 students. Indeed, Uppsala is a student city with a quite young and dynamic environment which has been attracting many expatriates since a few years.

As a symbolic and historical city, Uppsala provides many professional opportunities to expatriates. However, its labor market is rather competitive. So you better stand above the lot.

 Good to know:

Uppsala is a lively city where you will discover and enjoy several student festivals like Walpurgis which is celebrated on the 30th of April, as well as vibrant summer festivals.


In general, many of Uppsala's inhabitants prefer to work in Stockholm, especially in the industry sector. However, the city does provide many opportunities in various, both in the public and private sectors. More precisely, one fifth of Uppsala's active population works in the health, social, sales, construction, hotel, trade and commerce, business and catering sectors. The municipality, the Uppsala County Council and the University of Uppsala are also considered to be the main recruiters in the city.

 Good to know:

Experts forecast an employment rise in the coming months or years in Uppsala, except in industry. So you are advised to be patient in your job search and not lose hope.

Promising fields

Since a few years, many sectors in Uppsala have been experiencing a lack of manpower. You may thus try your luck in the following sectors:

  • health care (doctors, nurses, specialized midwives, nursing assistants)
  • information and communication technology
  • social services
  • automotive and truck mechanics
  • construction and CNC machine operators
  • engineering
  • catering
  • accounting
  • sales
  • shopping
  • teaching (pre primary, secondary, vocational, specialized child care, etc).

Find a job

If you are already on the spot, feel free to contact the local Arbetsförmedlingen, that is the Swedish Labor Office. Uppsala's labor office is found in Bangårdsg.

Otherwise, you can also contact the following recruitment agencies:

  • Manpower – St Persgatan 17, 753 20 Uppsala - 018-18 59 70 
  • Adecco – Svartbäcksg. 8, 75320 Uppsala - 018-65 33 00 
  • Proffice – Gamla Torget 5, 75320 Uppsala - 018-60 63 00 

If you have already found your marks, it's high time to update your CV and write your cover letter. Consider sending spontaneous job applications to companies operating across the city.

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