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Despite being an international capital city, Stockholm provides many professional opportunities for expats. Find out more in this article.

Since many years, Stockholm has been attracting many expatriates. As an international capital city, Stockholm provides not only quality living to its inhabitants, but also many professional opportunities and appealing wages. So if you have decided to move there, you should not have much trouble in finding a job. Nevertheless, take the time to inquire on its labor market's requirements beforehand.


Stockholm is famous for being one of Europe's most dynamic capital cities, especially in the fields of information and communication technology. Note that the city hosts 40% of the companies operating across the country and involved in various fields.

The private sector remains the main recruiter in Stockholm, with 85% of the local active population. High companies, including companies such as IBM and Electrolux, etc, are the most promising fields in terms of employment. Moreover, the biggest ICT centers are found in the North of the city.

The capital city hosts several local company headquarters, banks, etc. Hence, you are quite likely to be hired in the finance, banking and insurance sectors, provided you have the required qualifications and skills.

Tourism also makes a significant contribution to the local economy as Stockholm has become, since a few years, one of the most visited European capital cities.


As a global capital city, Stockholm's labor market is very open towards English speaking workers. Start-ups, for instance, are more likely to hire foreigners although these are encouraged to learn Swedish for better integration to their working environment. In fact, knowledge of English is almost a basic factor for recruitment in the capital city.

Find a job

If you are not yet in Stockholm, feel free to start your job search on the Internet. Please read the article Work in Sweden for more information on the labor market and tips to help you land a job in the country. Feel free to visit the Arbetsförmedlingen website as well, which is the Swedish Public Employment Service, and other job websites.

If you are already on the spot, you may drop by a Arbetsförmedlingen agency which will provide you will all relevant assistance, including programs intended for job seekers.


Before applying for a job, you probably have to write or update your resume and cover letter. Resumes and cover letters are known as Jantelagen in Swedish. While remaining humble and efficient, you will have the mission to convince the recruiter that you are the ideal candidate for the position offered.


To have more chances of impressing your potential employer, you are advised to update your resume as per Swedish standards. For instance, feel free to:

  • put forward your qualifications and skills pertaining to the job you are applying for
  • put forward your international experience (if any) and important tasks you have accomplished during your career (pertaining to the position for which you are applying)
  • detail (as precisely as possible) the different positions you have occupied before, as well as projects of which you have been in charge
  • choose the most relevant information which you will be able to discuss with the recruiter during the Interview
  • give out a few concrete examples
  • write your resume in the language in which the job ad has been posted (in Swedish if applicable)
  • call the recruiter before sending your resume and cover letter (to be prepared for any question)
  • prepare a pleasant document (avoid compact documents).

Note that passport-size identity photos are not compulsory. Moreover, you are not required to mention your marital status on your resume.

Cover letter

As mentioned above, you have to send a cover letter along with your resume. Thus:

  • a single page is enough
  • lay emphasis on your precedent professional accomplishments (the more you are qualified, the more convincing you will be)
  • forget the “Dear Sir/Madam” formula when writing the cover letter. You will rather address the recipient by his first name, unless you don't have this information (you will then make an introduction regarding the job offered)
  • mention your address, phone number and e-mail address
  • the presentation should be similar to your resume.

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