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Do you need a visa to travel to Sweden? If so, what are the relating conditions and procedures? Find out in this article.

Before moving to a foreign country, it is best to inquire on related conditions and formalities. So if you are planning to move to Sweden, you should know beforehand whether or not you will need a visa. In fact, nationals of some countries are exempt from the visa requirement while others require a visa to travel there, regardless of the length and purpose of their stay.


Sweden has set up a list of nationals requiring a visa to travel there (within the Schengen area). Find a list of these countries here: www.government.se/government-policy/migration

However, you do not require a visa to make a less than 90 days stay in Sweden if you live within the Schengen space. On your arrival at the Swedish borders, you simply have to produce your passport or identity card. However, both documents should be valid.

If you intend to make a more than 90 days stay in the country, you will have to request for a resident card. Application can be made at the Migrationsverket, that is the National Immigrations Office.


Foreign nationals who intend to travel to Sweden can choose from different types of visas, namely the family visit visa, the business visa, the sports or cultural activities visa, the private visa and the tourist visa.

When applying for a visa for Sweden, you are required to produce all required documents personally at the nearest Swedish embassy or consulate to your place of residence. You can find a list of these embassies and consulates on the Sweden Abroad website. Note that these shall not be send by post mail, e-mail or fax.

Moreover, required documents have to be translated into English. You therefore have to produce the following documents:

  • a duly filled and signed Schengen visa form. This form should be filled for minors traveling alone or in the company of an adult
  • your passport (which should be valid for at least three months following your departure from the Schengen area and have at least two blank pages)
  • photocopies of your passport's first pages, as well as former Schengen and other visa stamps
  • an identity photo (taken from the front at least six months beforehand, 3.5 cm x 4 cm)
  • an individual health insurance providing coverage for emergency health care and repatriation for medical reasons
  • sufficient funds for the whole duration of your stay in Sweden (a minimum of 450 SEK, that is around 50 euros) per day and per person. You may have to pay less if you have already settled your accommodation fees in advance or if you are staying at a friend's or relative's place.
  • your bank statements or six latest payslips. If you have been invited to Sweden, your host will have to produce proof of sufficient funds to support you during your stay.

Other documents

In the case of foreign nationals who do not come from the Schengen area, they will be requested by the embassy to produce additional documents during application. Find a list of these documents on the Sweden Abroad website

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