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Wondering how to travel around Stockholm? Here is an overview of the capital city's transport network.

If you are moving to Sweden, you are more likely to settle in Stockholm, its capital city. For your daily travels, whether to go to work, shopping or sightseeing, you can choose from several means of transport. Indeed, Stockholm hosts a wide transports network including buses, commuter trains, ferry, subway, etc.

Note that the transport network is managed by Storstockholms Lokaltrafik which also provides vintage transport services such as the tramway in summer. The tramway is ideal for tourist trips.


The subway network, known as the Tunnelbana (T-Bana) connects the different neighborhoods to one another. You can easily spot their entries thanks to big blue “T” signs over a white background. Note that the subway network consists of 7 lines (3 red lines, 3 green lines and 2 blue lines), which serve a total of 100 stations.


The commuter train network is also known as Pendeltåg. It can easily be spotted thanks to huge “J” signs. The network is divided into three zones : A, B and C, and will allow you to travel outside the city-center.

 Good to know:

You will need:

  • 2 vouchers to travel in a single zone
  • 3 vouchers to travel in two zones
  • 4 vouchers to travel in three zones.


The bus is another affordable and comfortable means of transport in Stockholm. However, make sure to buy your tickets beforehand.


Tramway is known as Spårvagn or Tvärbanan in Stockholm. The capital city hosts a single tram line, the No. 7 line, which connects Sergel Torg (T-Centralen subway) to the Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde Museum.


The ferry or Djurgårdsfjärjan is available between Slussen, Skeppsholmen and Djurgården.


Beware! Tickets are not available aboard buses, trains and trams. However, you can buy these at the following spots:

  • in any subway (tunnelbana) station
  • at press offices (Pressbyrån)
  • online (the ticket will then be sent to you by post. Note that the ticket is insured against theft, loss and destruction. In case of theft, tickets will be resent upon the presentation of proof of purchase and a police statement)
  • by SMS if you have a local line (send H the desired line's letter, A, B or C, to 72150). Find more on relating conditions on the Storstockholms Lokaltrafik website

 Good to know:

Each ticket is valid for an hour and should be used within that time limit, even if you move out of the public transport network in the meantime. In fact, tickets are stamped upon issue, indicating the date and time.

6 to 19 years old travelers, those who are more than 65 years old and in pre retirement, are eligible to a discount rate upon presentation of proof.

Less than 7 years old children can travel free of charge if they are accompanied by someone having valid tickets.

From Friday noon till Sunday night, more than 18 years old passengers having a valid ticket are entitled to free transport with a maximum of 6 less than 12 years old children.

If you wish to travel for an unlimited period during several months by different public means of transport, you are advised to buy the following seasonal cards:

  • Säsongskort for adults
  • Terminskort for children.


The same fare rates apply to the whole transport network, including subway, bus, tram, and commuter trains.

Vouchers: tickets for a zone cost 200 SEK for a 16 vouchers book and 20 SEK per single ticket.

Säsongskort: the 90 days package costs 2,300 SEK, the annual package costs 8,300 SEK and the summer package which is valid from May to August costs 2,400 SEK.

Finally, the passes cost as follows:

  • 115 SEK for 24 hours
  • 230 SEK for 3 days
  • 790 SEK for 7 days.

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