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If you are moving to Gothenburg, you can choose among four different means of transports to move around: bus, tramway, ferry and taxi.

As Sweden's second biggest city, Gothenburg hosts a developed transports network. Find out more in this article.

Moving around will undoubtedly be part of your everyday life when moving abroad. If you have chosen to live in Gothenburg, which is the second biggest Swedish city, you will be able to choose from different means of transport, namely the bus, tramway, ferry and taxi. Once you have got acquainted with the city, you might also want to go cycling.


The local bus network consists of some 1,700 vehicles among which there is a 24 meters long bus. Most buses in Gothenburg are fueled with bio-gas. Indeed, authorities wish to apply this system to all buses by 2020.

Trams and accordion bus, known as “stombuss” are another easy and rapid means of transport. These can even take you out of the city-center. Indeed, the different neighborhoods of Gothenburg and surrounding cities are linked to one another via several express bus lines.


Gothenburg's tram system serves most of the city, stretching over more than 150 km. Indeed, it is deemed to be Scandinavia's biggest light railway system, comprising 12 lines (1 to 11 and 13). Note that lines 8 and 13 serve the main tram stop in Brunnsparken (Well Park).

Trams are available every 8 to 10 minutes during the day and two times per hour at night. On week-ends, these are available every 15 to 30 minutes.


You can choose between two types of ferry services if you wish to cross the Gothia river, namely the Älvsnabben and the Älvsnabbare. The Älvsnabben is rather regular with a 30 minutes shift. The Älvsnabbare, for its part, goes from Rosenlund and Lindholmspiren, free of charge, but only during office hours.

Saltholmen, which is in the South, provides three ferry lines, namely the Vrångö, Brännö Rödsten and Förö. Finally, Styrsöbolaget operates under the licence of Västtrafik, which is the national transports agency. You can travel by the Styrsöbolaget with a public transport pass.


In general, taxi fares in Gothenburg are not regulated. However, make sure to inquire about the fare with the driver before boarding the taxi. In fact, taxi drivers are required by law to display a fare list in their vehicle.


Once you are well acquainted with the city, why not stroll around with your bike? Indeed, Gothenburg host several cycling tracks like other Swedish cities. However, you are not allowed to board a bus or tram with your bike. You better turn to ferries or some trains.


Make sure to purchase your travel tickets before boarding the bus or tramway. In general, these are available at Pressbyrå kiosks and at automatic ticket vending machines which are found at stops. Note that you can also buy your tickets by SMS. Fore more information, please refer to the Västtrafik website.

You can choose among different types of tickets:

  • those which are valid for 1, 3 or 30 days, allowing you to travel every day. These are similar to blue cards and are read by an optical reader. You will need 80 SKR for the single day ticket, 160 SKR for the 3 days ticket and 505 SRK for the 30 days ticket.
  • those which are valid for 5 days will cost around 93 SKR.
  • the single ticket is more appropriate for occasional trips within the city. You can opt for the 7-Eleven ticket which is available at the Tidpunkten (Västtrafik), at Pressbyrån kiosks and ticket vending machines. These generally cost around 24 SEK per adult traveling alone during the day. If you prefer to travel at night, the ticket will cost twice as much.
  • provided by Västtrafik, the prepaid card is more appropriate for frequent trips. It can be recharged for a maximum of 1,500 SEK. You will also have to pay 50 SEK so as to ensure the card's validity. Note that the prepaid card is available at Västtrafik service centers and automatic ticket vending machines. It will allow you to travel by bus, tram and ferry with a 90 minutes movement time by each means of transport. Make sure, however, to avoid scanning your card before this time limit, otherwise you will have to debit a trip fare without being able to move.

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