Opening a bank account in Sweden


Wondering how to open a bank account in Sweden? What are the required documents? Find out in this article.

On moving to Sweden, you will probably want to open a local bank account to receive your salary and perform banking transactions. Relating formalities are quite simple, but you are advised to inquire on these first with the bank of your choice. In all cases, you will need a Personnummer, that is a personal identification number, to be able to open a bank account.


You are required to apply for the Personnummer at the nearest Skatteverket which is the Tax Agency.

Note that the bank of your choice may also request you to be accompanied by a Swedish national who can confirm your identity.

In all cases, banks are obliged by law to accept applications for the opening of a bank account, unless refusal can strongly be justified.

The following documents also have to be produced:

  • your valid passport
  • a certificate or letter issued by your employer, confirming your position within your company
  • the Personbevis, that is your social security number (issued by the Tax Agency)
  • proof of address, such as your lease contract.


Once you have successfully opened your bank account, you will be entitled to a debit card. You will also be able to use the telephone and Internet banking services.

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