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Moving to Stockholm? Find out, in this article, all the things you can do during your free time in the Swedish capital city.

As a vibrant cultural capital city, Stockholm attracts many expatriates every year. Indeed, the city hosts some of the country's most significant cultural institutions, including three sites which have been classified as a World Heritage by the UNESCO.

Stockholm is above all popular for the following: the Drottningholm Castle, the Stockholm Kulturfestival which is held every year and the Stockholm Pride which takes place in Summer.


Stockholm is one of the most popular countries in Europe with some 9 million visitors every year. Indeed, its 70 museums greatly contribute to its historical and cultural heritage.

The Skansen Museum, for instance, is the world's first open air museum, inaugurated in 1891. The Vasa Museum, which is found on the Southern Djurgården island, hosts the 1930 Universal Exhibition.

The National Museum, for its part, hosts the country's biggest art collection. In fact, it is considered as Sweden's main art and design museum thanks to its ancient painting collections, carvings, drawings, graphics, handicraft and design.

The National History Museum, which is found in Frascati, near the University of Stockholm, is a biology and geology museum.

You can also visit the Technical Museum, the Police Museum, the National Sports Museum, the Ethnographic Museum and the Maritime Museum. Finally, the Stockholm Observatory, which is found on the top of the Observatory hill near Sveavägen, Odengatan and Vasastaden, is both an astronomy observatory and a museum.

You will also find many arts museums such as the Millesgården, the Thiel Gallery, the Waldemarsudde and the private collection of Bonnier portraits.


Stockholm hosts many theaters, namely the Royal Drama Theater (Dramaten) and Royal, as well as the City Theater, the Opera Folk, the Modern Dance Theater, Gota Lejon, the Southern Theater, the China Theater, the Vasateatern and the Oscar Theatre.


Like all modern capital cities, Stockholm hosts several multiplex cinema halls where you can spend an evening with your friends or family. Indeed, Stockholm's relationship with cinema dates back to the 1800. Zita, the oldest cinema hall, dates back to 1913. Note that the Stockholm International Film Festival takes place every year in autumn since 1990.


The Royal Opera, also known as the Royal Theater, is found between the Gustav Adolf Plaza and the Royal Garden. It is the main showcase for opera and ballet in the city.

The Stockholm Concert Hall is also found in the city-center in Haymarket. This hall is especially famous for hosting Nobel Prizes for medicine, physics, chemistry and literature on the 10th of December of every year. Berwald Hall is another concert hall which is found in Östermalm.

If you like choir, you will be delighted by the Radio Choir, the Gustaf Sjökvist Chamber Choir, the Stockholm Boys Choir and the Saint-Michel Chamber Choir, among others.

Last but not the least, the Stockholm Jazz Festival, which is one of the oldest Swedish music festivals, is held every year in July.


AIK, Djurgårdens IF and Hammarby IF and the biggest and most popular Swedish sports clubs.

The Stockholm Olympic Stadium, which has hosted the 1912 Olympic Games, regularly hosts several sports events, especially football matches and athletics. The Rasunda Stadium is also quite vibrant.

Located in Globen, in the district of Johanneshov, the Stockholm Globe Arena is the world's biggest spheric building. It hosts several sports events, concerts and shows. The Friends Arena, located in Solna, is the official stadium of the AIK and of the Swedish national football club.

In the South, you will find the Tele2 Arena, where Hammarby and Djurgarden play their home matches.

Major sports events

The Stockholm Marathon is the most important Swedish sports event with more than 15,000 participants.

The DN Gala is an annual athletics competition which takes place at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium.

The Tjejmilen is an annual women race which takes place over 10 km around Djurgården.

Midnattsloppet is a walking competition which is held in Stockholm, as well as in Göteborg and Copenhague by Hammarby IF.

Finally, Riddarfjärdssimningen is an annual swimming competition which takes place in every August.

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