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Find, in this article, some information and tips on how to find and perform an internship in Sweden.

There is nothing better than performing an internship abroad to acquire foreign expertise. Indeed, internships will be a real asset for new candidates on the labor market. If you have chosen Sweden, you should know that the country is very welcoming towards young students and trainees. By moving there, you will also be entitled to a great human and cultural opening. However, you may have to obtain necessary authorizations beforehand.

Resident permit and visa

Nationals of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland do not require a visa to perform an internship in Sweden. Nevertheless, they have to apply for a resident permit before moving there in case their internship period is going to exceed three months. Hence, you are advised to proceed with these formalities as soon as you receive your internship agreement so as to avoid wasting time.

Application is to be made at the Swedish embassy or consulate in your home country. Note that you will have to produce this document, as well as your passport, at the Swedish borders.

Non-European nationals, for their part, have to apply for a visa to travel to Sweden. Find more information on related procedures on the Migrations Verket website

Find internship

The first thing to do during your internship search in Sweden is to contact companies which might interest you. Start by checking out for any vacancies on their websites. Feel free to send them spontaneous job applications as well. You might be lucky! Who knows? Indeed, many local companies have set up specific internship programs for foreigners.

Health care for trainees

Health care provided in Sweden is rather expensive. However, the Swedish nationals are entitled to a particularly efficient social security system which is mainly financed by tax. Indeed, tax rates are quite high in the country.

Therefore, trainees are advised to subscribe to a private health insurance before traveling to Sweden. You can still inquire whether you will be covered by your home country's social security system during your stay. Make sure, however, that your insurance will provide coverage in Sweden.

European Union, EEA and Swiss nationals who have registered with their home country's social security system and who have a European Health Insurance Card are eligible to basic health care in Sweden.

Nationals coming from non-European countries for a more than a year's internship period in Sweden are eligible to the same health care as Swedish nationals, provided they have registered with the Swedish Tax Agency. However, coverage is not provided in the case of illness. If they are moving to Sweden for a less than a year internship period, they will not be eligible to the same facilities. In the other hand, they can apply for the governmental Kammarkollegiet insurance. Find more information on the Kammarkollegiet website.


You are advised to inquire on any health and hygiene agreement between Sweden and your home country before traveling. In the case of an agreement, you can benefit from health care service in the country by producing your passport and social insurance card.

Following your arrival in the country, you are advised to visit the nearest medical center, vårdcentralen, in your district, in case of illness or injury. This should cost between 15 euros and 25 euros. If the medical center is close, visit the nearest hospital. In case of emergency, dial 112.


Finding accommodation in Sweden might not be easy for a young student or trainee. You can hence seek the help of the local student accommodation foundation in the region where you are going to perform your internship. Note that finding accommodation will be easier once you have obtained your personnummer, that is your official personal identity number. However, some real estate agencies do not request for the personnummer.

If you prefer independent accommodation, you will need around 250 euros and 500 euros per month for rent.

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Student accommodation (without Personnumer):

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