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Wondering about the health care services available for expats in Sweden? Find the answers to your queries in this article.

On moving to Sweden, you will probably have queries regarding health care. As health care is one of the country's priorities, the system has been decentralized so as to provide equal health care services for everyone. Note that Sweden is divided into 290 municipalities, 20 county councils and three regional councils. Thus, the health system is managed at three different levels, namely by regional municipalities, government and regional councils.

 Good to know:

In general, the average life expectancy for men is 83.7 years and 80.1 years for women. It is also known to be one of the European countries will the greatest elderly population. Indeed, 19.4% of its population is aged 65 and more.


In case of hospital admission, you will need an average of 12 euros a day for a 10 days stay. Beyond this period, you will need some 7 euros.

Basic health care services generally cost around 11 and 22 euros, depending on your county. If you are paying a visit to a specialist, count an average of 40 euros.

Dental health care is not totally covered by the Swedish health system.

If you have spent between 100 euros and 120 euros on health care (depending on your zone), health care services will be free of charge for the 12 following months as from the first paid visit. The same applies to medication upon prescription once you have spent 235 euros on your own.

The elderly can request for home-based health care services.


Nationals of the European Union and of the European Economic Area having a European health card supporting their contribution to their home country's social security fund are taken care of by the Swedish health system. They are required to contact the Försäkringskassan for all relevant information.

Non-European nationals, for their part, have to subscribe to a private health insurance before moving to Sweden.

Note that the country provides universal health care for all its residents, including expatriates. The system covers the following: hospitalization, out-patient health care services, medication upon prescription, basic health care, dental care for children and less than 18 years old youngsters, public health and prevention services, support to the handicapped and rehabilitation services.

The health system also provides coverage for home-based nurses and transport facilities for patients beside home-based health care services.

In general, expatriates are advised to subscribe with a private health insurance providing coverage in case of repatriation, restorative dental surgery and cancer treatment.

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