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Finding accommodation will be one of your biggest priorities on moving to Stockholm. Here is how to proceed.

Stockholm, the Swedish capital city, needs to introduction. It is not only the country's biggest city but also its most densely populated area with some 900,000 inhabitants. As the country's economic, political, cultural and media hub, it is a very dynamic city. Indeed, Stockholm ranks among the 10 European cities with the highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capital. Hence, it provides quality living to its inhabitants, although finding accommodation there can be a difficult task at first.


Stockholm is deemed to be an international city, especially thanks to its prestigious universities and famous museums. The city also hosts the national government's seat, as well as the Royal residence and that of the Prime Minister.

The city comprises several neighborhoods, the most popular ones being Kungsholmen, Södermalm and Vassastan. Indeed, most of the expatriate community in Stockholm has preferred these areas due to the availability of housing and the proximity of essential services and facilities such as schools, public transport, offices, etc.

 Good to know:

As a continuously developing city, Stockholm hosts not only big business centers but also several start-ups, an important student population, as well as a large expat community. Given this dynamism, local authorities have decided to set up and develop more real estate projects so as to cater for the rising demand.

Rent prices

You should know, above all, that rent prices are rather high in Stockholm. Moreover, you are advised to preserve at least 30% of your monthly salary to pay rent. So if you want to make some savings, you better look for accommodation in the outskirts rather than the city center.

For instance, you will need an average of 1,600 to 2,700 euros per month for a three bedroom apartment in a popular neighborhood. However, these prices exclude monthly charges such as electricity and water bills. Note, on the other hand, that rent prices usually vary from one neighborhood to another. Therefore, these are likely to be lower in the outskirts.

 Good to know:

The owner will probably request you to pay a security deposit which is generally equal to a month's rent. Moreover, you are required to give a three months notice to the owner before vacating the premises.

Find accommodation

According to expatriates who have already settled in Stockholm, finding accommodation in the capital city can be a quite complicated task. So if you are planning to settle there too, you will have to be very patient and plan your move well in advance. Why not make a short trip there before moving for good?

You will then better understand the local real estate and rental markets. Indeed, like in the rest of the country, you can choose between the lease and sublease. In the case of the lease, you will sign a lease contract directly with the owner, but this can be quite time consuming due to long waiting lists. Moreover, Swedish owners prefer to rent their housing unit to employed people. They often request proof of funds such as bank statements or payslips as proof. You can also opt for sublet, that is renting a housing unit from a tenant. Note, however, that you will pay the same rent price as the tenant.

Word of mouth is with no doubt a useful tool when it comes to housing search. Feel free to ask your friends and contacts on the spot regarding any vacant housing unit. You can also inquire with expatriates on the Sweden Forum. They will be glad to help you out. And why not drop an ad in the Housing section, giving details on the type of accommodation you are looking for and the rent price you are expecting?

You may also check out classified ads on housing websites and in local newspapers if you are already on the spot. Consider registering with a real estate agency which can find you help the ideal accommodation according to your needs and budget. If you have the means, you can also hire a lease hunter who are generally recommended by real estate agencies. Their mission is to booking housing units.

Now that you have a few leads, we wish you good luck in your search!

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