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Wondering how to find accommodation in Skane? Find out in this article.

Skane, which is one of the major Swedish area, is found in the South end of the country. Famous for the Øresund Bridge, linking Malmö to Copenhagen, it is very welcoming towards expatriates looking forward to settle there. So if you are planning to move there, you should not have much trouble in finding accommodation there, unlike in other big cities. In fact, the local real estate market is divided between individual owners and municipalities.


Most of Skane's population lives in the urban area. The following are the region's most dynamic and densely populated areas: Malmö, Helsingborg, Lund, Kristianstad and Landskrona. Note that each of these cities has its own official portal which might be of use during your housing search.

Since the past few years, Skane's port development has considerably increased the rental market, especially in terms of serviced flats in Malmö. In short, the market has greatly diversified so as to cater for the needs of locals and expatriates in terms of services and expectations.

Types of accommodation

In general, you are more likely to find apartments in Skane. In the Theater area, for instance, you will find many old flats. On the other hand, those which are closer to water cost thrice as much.

Note that most of the housing units that are available in the area are not furnished, but in most cases you will find a gas cooker, a refrigerator and a freezer, a dishwasher and a washing machine. In some cases, heating, warm water, Internet and electricity can be included in the rent. Make sure to inquire on these beforehand with the owner.

Some apartment building even have common laundries.

Find accommodation

Like in the rest of the country, you will have to look for accommodation in the Swedish way. Start by checking out classified ads in local and national newspapers. Some of these are also available online. And why not browse housing websites as well?

Consider registering with a real estate agency if you wish to find accommodation more rapidly and according to your criteria. Most of these are found in the city center.

Social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn may also help. You just have to type the following keywords: “Real estate in Southern Sweden”. Last but not the least, feel free to ask your questions on the Skane Forum and to drop an ad in the Housing section. Good luck!

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