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Being Skane's biggest municipality, Malmö needs no introduction. But how to find accommodation there? Find out in this article.

On moving to Malmö, looking for accommodation will undoubtedly be one of your priorities. Like in the rest of the country, finding accommodation there can be a quite difficult task. You will hence need some patience to settle in Sweden's third biggest city. But in all cases, Malmö is a very welcoming area towards expatriates, especially thanks to its diverse population.


Malmö is only half an hour away from Copenhagen, the Danish capital city. In fact, both cities are connected to one another by the Øresund Bridge.

Malmö is, by far, Scandinavia's most dynamic and diversified city. Indeed, its multicultural population is a blend of foreign nationals coming from 164 countries. More than 100 languages are spoken in the region. Indeed, Malmö is known to host the biggest expatriate community in the whole country, accounting for 40% of the city's population.

 Good to know:

More than 25% of Malmö's inhabitants were born abroad. Moreover, the biggest part of Scandinavia's Muslim population lives in this city.

Finally, Malmö is famous for the Slagthuset, which is meat in brine.

Rent prices

You are more likely to find apartments in Malmö. In general, rent prices vary from one neighborhood to another and according to the type of housing unit and its standards. Hence, count an average of 650 euros per month for a single-bedroom apartment in the city-center and around 460 euros per month for the same type of housing unit in the outskirts.

For a three-bedroom apartment, you will need an average of 1,100 euros a month in the city-center against some 810 euros a month in the outskirts.

Find accommodation

As mentioned above, it can be quite complicated to find accommodation in Malmö. In all cases, it is best to be on the spot to proceed with your search given the rental market's limits.

Feel free to check out classified ads in local newspapers and on housing websites such as Bostad Direkt, Bovision, Hemnet and AndraHand. Note that it is easier to find accommodation outside the city-center, particularly if you have a restricted budget.

For more information on the rental market, please refer to the article Accommodation in Sweden.

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