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Valencia's different neighborhoods offer quite a warm with a friendly atmosphere. Moving to Valencia shall definitely be an unforgettable experience.

Valencia is one of the major Spanish cities, with over 786,000 inhabitants in 2017. Located on the east of the country, Valencia is very popular with expatriates due to the numerous opportunities it offers to foreigners. It also attracts thousands of tourists from across the globe for its historical and cultural heritage. Hence, if you wish to settle and work in Valencia, finding accommodation will definitely be one of your priorities. It should not be difficult given that the city has a wide range of accommodation for all tastes.

Valencia's neighbourhoods

Valencia is divided into several districts, namely Ciutat Vella, Eixample, Levante, Extramurs, Saïdia, Algiros, Benimaclet, Pobles del Nord, Pobles del Sud, among others. These districts are in turn divided into several neighbourhoods consisting of commercial, industrial and residential areas. Among these, you will find Xerea, El Carmen, El Mercat and Seu which are in the city centre, as well as La Roqueta, El Cavari Sant Isidre, El Grau, which are found in the outskirts.

Benimaclet, Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciancias, Eixample, El Carme, El Grao, El Saler and Oliveret are Valencia's most popular neighbourhoods. Benimaclet, Jesus and El Carme are regions known for their rich culture and history. Benimaclet, in fact, demonstrates a warm village-like atmosphere and a hospitable population. El Carme and Jesus, on the other hand, has lots of green spaces, restaurants, and bars, as well as supermarkets and small shops. Jesus is famous for its historical sites, its central market, as well as for its peaceful environment.

In Oliveret, you can enjoy huge gardens along with modern and developed infrastructure, just like in Sidon, which is quite close to the city centre. Eixample is another very lively area with a big shopping mall and leisure activities for all ages. You can also discover futuristic spaces, museums, theatres, and an aquarium at Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias.

El Grao, El Saler, Malvarrosa Beach and Patacona Beach are coastal neighbourhoods with a relaxed atmosphere around beautiful natural beaches. You are likely to find villas and vacation homes there. Nightlife lovers and clubbers will be delighted with their bars, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs.

 Good to know:

El Carme and Russafa are ideal for those who prefer living in the city centre close to the most popular venues, shops and restaurants. Campanar and Benimaclet are a little further away from the centre, but are well-connected. And you can find the amenities of the big city while enjoying the neighborhood life. Gran Vía, Montolivet and El Botànic are great for families with children and are close to green spaces like el Jardín del Turia. If you enjoy living by the sea, go for El Cabanyal and La Malva-Rosa, whereas nature lovers may prefer El Saler, El Palmar and El Perellonet, which are the furthest from the city centre.

How to find accommodation in Valencia

You can check out accommodation offers on the internet and in classified ads in local newspapers. Studios, apartments and houses are available for rent in the different Valencian neighbourhoods. Rent prices, of course, vary according to the neighbourhoods, types of housing and comfort level.

To rent a two-bedroom apartment, you will need between 400 and 600 euros per month. For a three-bedroom apartment, you will need up to 1200 euros per month. At the same time, accommodation remains quite affordable in coastal areas as well. 

With regards to room or flat sharing, rent generally starts as from 130 euros per month, reaching up to 500 euros.

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