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Accommodation offers are abundant in Malaga, one of the major Spanish cities. It is also one of the cities where rent prices are more affordable.

Malaga's different neighborhoods are a blend of history and modernity. Each of these has its own characteristics which you can discover during your stay there.

Moving to Málaga can be a lifetime experience if you wish to discover the Spanish culture and history at its best. Located in the Andalusia region, it is the Málaga province's capital city with a population of more than 569,000 inhabitants. Málaga is one of the main expat locations in Spain, attracting tourists, young professionals, trainees, as well as students.

Moreover, Andalusian people are known to be very warm and welcoming. You will have no trouble getting into their culture and their relaxed lifestyle along with the region's sunny climate.

Malaga's neighborhoods

Stretching over some 398 kmin the middle of a bay and surrounded by mountains, Málaga is Spain's sixth largest city. It is divided into several districts, the most popular being the city centre, Trinidad, Malagueta, El Perchel, Palo Pinaris San Anton and Padregalejo. The most dynamic neighbourhood is none other than Malagueta, which is found near the beach and not far from downtown. You are likely to find beach apartments and villas, as well as pubs, restaurants, bars and nightclubs there.

Pinares de San Antón and Pedregalejo are the Málaga's main residential neighbourhoods with modern houses and apartments. Padregalejo, for its part, is known for being a posh neighbourhood with big villas and luxury homes.

If you wish to remain closer to the Spanish history and culture, Trinidad may be the ideal neighbourhood, being the city's historical centre. You can enjoy its monuments and other ancient remains in large Hispano-Arabic walls. Trinidad is particularly active during the month of July. Palo is a fishing district, which has been developing gradually over the years. Further, in Perchel, you are likely to find middle-class housing and student housing. It is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Málaga and most foreigners in Málaga have settled there.

Los Montes district is popular with its spectacular views across the bay, its restaurants, traditional taverns and eateries and for being close to the Nature Park “Parque Natural de las Contadoras”.

Types of housing in Málaga

Apart from hotels, Málaga has a range of accommodation options including apartments, studios, villas and houses. Prices usually vary according to the type of housing and standing. To rent a studio, count an average of 400 and 600 euros per month. A three-bedroom apartment, on the other hand, can cost between 550 and 850 euros per month.

In general, you are likely to find furnished housing units in Málaga. Most of these are comfortable, although rents are quite high. You should, therefore, expect higher rents if you choose to live in a villa or an apartment which is close to the beach. 

How to find accommodation in Malaga

Note that advance booking is recommended if you intend to spend your holidays in Málaga, but your search could be quite tedious if you are planning to settle there. Make sure to choose the most appropriate accommodation according to your situation and your budget. Students and trainees may go for room rental or even flat sharing.

You can check out accommodation offers in classified ads in local newspapers and on the internet. You may also register with a real estate agency if you are already in the area.

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