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If you wish to discover the Spanish and Andalusian cultural and traditional heritage, Sevilla may be the ideal city for you. Here is an overview.

Sevilla or Seville is known to be Andalusia's economic, political and cultural centre. It is also the Sevilla province's capital city and Andalusia's major city, as well as one of Europe's main tourist and expat destinations. Every year, thousands of young professionals and students move there in order to benefit from its job and study opportunities and to discover its historical and cultural heritage. Hence the growth of its rental market.

In fact, you can easily find accommodation in Sevilla: studios, apartments, individual houses and villas. Students can also rent a room or opt for flat-sharing if they prefer cheaper accommodation. Before moving there, take the time to familiarize yourself with Sevilla's different neighbourhoods and local lifestyle.

Sevilla's neighbourhoods

Located in the Andalusian region, Sevilla's neighbourhoods are quite specific and traditional. With more than 700,000 inhabitants, Sevilla is divided into eleven districts, namely Bellavista-La Palmera, Casco Antiguo which is the city's historical centre, Cerro, Amate, Este, Alcosa, Torreblanca, Los Remedios, Macarena, Nervión, San Pablo, Santa Justa, Triana and the Northern and Southern districts. These districts are, in turn, divided in several neighbourhoods, the most popular being El Centro, Triana, Nervión, Heliopolis, La Macarena, Los Remedios, Santa Cruz, La Magdalena, etc.

El Centro, which is Sevilla's city centre, hosts not only a range of housing options but also the Museum of Fine Arts, as well as Nueva, San Francisco and Encarnación plazas and commercial streets. Santa Cruz borders the historic centre and is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Seville with beautiful charming narrow streets. However, it is a bustling and touristy and therefore a pricey barrio. Macarena, for its part, is deemed to be an authentic neighbourhood with shops, bars, restaurants, pubs, etc.

Triana, although a bit far from the city centre, is known to be a part of Sevilla's historical center with its huge cultural and architectural heritage. It’s quaint homes and churches are all about ambience and it has become a favourite among foreigners. With regards to residential neighborhoods, you have San Vicente, Heliopolis, Nervión, Los Remedios, etc. Nervión also has an outdoor cinema, parks, a shopping mall and small shops, as well as quality restaurants and bars.

The cost of renting in Sevilla

Given the different types of housing available in Sevilla, rent prices vary according to the different areas as well as comfort level. However, these are lower in Sevilla than in other major Spanish cities.

Therefore, you will need an average of 650 euros to rent a two-bedroom apartment and between 650 and 900 euros for a three-bedroom apartment.

If you opt for room sharing, you will need some 200-400 euros per month, excluding electricity and phone bills and other charges while a studio will cost up to 550 euros per month.

Finding accommodation in Sevilla

If you are already on the spot, you can register with a real estate agency for more chances of finding accommodation as per your criteria. You can also check out accommodation offers on the internet and in classified ads in local newspapers.

Available in Sevilla, El Cambalache is a special publication that is dedicated to all types of ads. You can purchase it three times a week or check its website to get an idea about all types of accommodation and rent prices. However, owners' contacts are only published on the newspaper itself. 

 Good to know:

Summer holidays, that is from late June to August, seem to be the best time to look for accommodation in Sevilla, like in the rest of the country. In September, on the other hand, you are less likely to find accommodation. In fact, most vacant housing offers can be found in the middle of the year, before the holidays.

In all cases, it is best to find a short-term rental on your arrival. Once you have settled in, you can then take the time to look for long term housing as per your criteria. 

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