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Finding affordable accommodation in Aberdeen, one of the biggest Scottish cities, should not be a very difficult task provided you are on the spot.

Aberdeen, one of the major Scottish cities, is very welcoming towards expatriates. Below is an overview of its rental market, along with some tips to help you find accommodation.

Nicknamed the “Granite City”, the “Grey City” and the “Silver City with the Golden Sands”, Aberdeen is a key destination in Scotland for expatriates. Being the 3rd most densely populated city in Scotland, it had a population of over 220,400 inhabitants according to the latest census. Aberdeen is also known to be the oil capital of Europe as oil was discovered in the Northern Sea in the 70s.

Aberdeen is also famous for its higher education system thanks to the presence of its two universities, namely the University of Aberdeen and the Robert Gordon University. Other fields such as traditional fishing, paper manufacturing, shipbuilding, textiles, as well as its heliport and its seaport which is the biggest in Northeast Scotland, also make a significant contribution to its economy.

 Good to know:

Aberdeen was designated as a Royal Burgh by David I of Scotland, which gave it an economic boost. Later on, the city won the “Britain in Bloom” flower competition ten times. It also hosts the annual International Youth Festival which is a famous arts and culture event.

In 2012, Aberdeen ranked as the 56th best city worldwide and 4th in the UK for quality living in the Mercer report. In the same year, it was the only Scottish city to be one of the leading business centers and one of the country's super cities.


Aberdeen is divided into different neighborhoods, including many residential areas.

In Rosemount, for instance, you are likely to fond affordable housing units, especially if you are moving there with your family. Rosemount is close to amenities and hosts several parks, schools, as well as an efficient bus network.

Located in Old Aberdeen, Upmarket has rather ancient looks. However, it is rather popular with expats, although it can be quite difficult to find accommodation there. A real estate agency may help.

Up and Coming are quite dynamic and attractive neighborhoods thanks to their vibrant nightlife and several activities available, especially for the weekends.

The city-center, for its part, is rather posh with upscale boutiques, cinema halls, night clubs, pubs, etc.

Rent prices

Like in most major European cities, rent prices in Aberdeen are likely to be higher in the city-center than in the outskirts. So if you wish to rent a single-bedroom apartment, you will need an average of £ 750 in the city-center against £ 675 in the outskirts.

For a three-bedroom apartment, you will need around £ 1,420 in the city-center and some £ 1,285 in the outskirts.

Find accommodation

Aberdeen is known for its high cost of living. Therefore, consider seeking the help of a real estate professional during your accommodation search. Make sure to specify your budget along with your preferences, as well as the urgency of finding accommodation.

Feel free to browse offers on the Internet and in local newspapers. Word of mouth can also help if you have friends, contacts or relatives on the spot. In all cases, you will have to wait until your arrival in Aberdeen to be able to sign the lease contract following an inventory on the premises. Find more information in the article Accommodation in Scotland.

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