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Studying in Scotland can be a real asset for international students. Find out, in this article, how to proceed.

If you are looking forward to continue your higher studies abroad, why not turn to Scotland? Thanks to its charming setting, its dynamism, as well as its excellent higher education system, the country has been attracting thousands of foreign students over the years. But before moving there, take the time to inquire on relating conditions and formalities.


Moving to Scotland for your studies has several advantages. First of all, the United Kingdom is world famous for its prestigious universities, so Scotland obviously hosts excellent universities too. Indeed, five of the country's 19 universities are known to be the best of Europe, according to the Office of National Statistic Scotland.

Beside that, 99% of the country's researchers are involved in innovative fields, most of which have greatly contributed to the development and progress of science and medicine. Scotland.org, which is the official national portal, lays a particular emphasis on laparoscopy and IRM, among others.

Apart from its magnificent landscapes and pleasant setting, Scotland also benefits from its proximity with many European countries. But if you do not wish to leave the country too often, you can still enjoy several festivals and cultural events. Indeed, Scotland is not just about haunted castle and the Loch Ness monster.


To study in Scotland, you are required to apply for the student visa, that is the Tier 4 (General) visa. This visa applies to at least 16 years old students who do not come from the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

To be eligible to this visa, you must have secured a seat in a Scottish university first. You must also have a good command of English at reading, writing and speaking.

Finally, you must be able to support yourself financially throughout your stay in the country and have sufficient funds to settle university fees.


Undergraduate students

Registration can be performed on the Universities and Colleges Admission Center (UCAS) website. This online program will allow you to choose till five subjects as well as universities.

Note that fees apply to online registration and these vary according to the number of courses chosen and the university. Moreover, deadlines usually vary from one curriculum to another.

Postgraduate students

Each postgraduate degree is subject to specific admission criteria. You are advised to inquire with the chosen university beforehand as each university has its own regulations for postgraduate studies.

However, you may register online through the UKPASS program in the case of some universities. Note that fees apply.


Student Awards Agency For Scotland (SAAS)

The Student Awards Agency For Scotland (SAAS) is reserved to European Union students under certain conditions.

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships (SSS)

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships (SSS) is intended to Canadian, Indian, Pakistani, US and Chinese nationals (including Hong Kong) under certain conditions.

 Good to know:

Tier 4 visa fees amount to some £ 328 along with a health extra. However, nationals of the EEA and Switzerland do not need a visa to study in Scotland.

Finally, students having English as their mother tongue do not have to pass a language test to be admitted into a Scottish university.

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