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Finding an internship abroad can be quite difficult. Here is how to proceed if you are looking for internship opportunities in Scotland.

According to official statistics, several thousands of students move to the United Kingdom for training. Indeed, Scotland has been attracting foreign students in large numbers by providing internships in companies as part of their higher studies. Thanks to its particularly dynamic economy, opportunities are abundant at all levels, as much as the demand. In all cases, make sure to be aware of relating conditions and formalities.

Find internship

The best way of finding internship in Scotland is to send spontaneous job applications to companies in which you are interested. You may also respond to current vacancies in local newspapers or on job websites. Moreover, some specialized agencies provide assistance to foreign candidates, as well as accommodation facilities. Make sure to inquire about these services beforehand as these are charged.

Networking may also help, just like in the case of a job search. If you have friends, family or contacts on the spot, word of mouth can also help.


Internships are legally paid in the UK according to their status within their host company:

  • worker – minimum wage
  • employee – minimum wage
  • voluntary.

These vary as follows:

  • £ 6.70 per hour for persons aged 21 years and above
  • £ 5.30 per hour for persons aged between 18 and 20 years
  • £ 3.87 per hour for persons aged between 16 and 17 years.

Less than 19 years old or more than 19 years old trainees are entitled to £ 3.30 per hour during their first year. Beyond that, they are eligible to the minimum wage for trainees.


There is no legal wage for trainees performing a less than one year internship in the country. However, some companies do remunerate their trainees fairly.

Internship agreement

In all cases, the internship must be concluded by an internship agreement between the student, his school or university and the host company. This agreement must be written in English and include the following:

  • place of work
  • weekly working hours
  • wages (if it applies)
  • the trainee's position within the company
  • all relating conditions and regulations.


Entry conditions in Scotland are the same as those applied in the whole UK. Therefore, nationals of the European Union and European Economic Area have to apply for a work visa to be allowed to perform their internship, even in the case of a non remunerated internship. In fact, the trainee has to be sponsored and be able to produce supporting documents.

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