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Discover, in this article, an overview of Scotland's transport network so that you can travel without any worry.

Traveling will definitely be part of your everyday life in Scotland, regardless of where you have decided to settle. Indeed, the country hosts a wide, developed and efficient transport network including buses, tramway, airplanes, ferry, taxis, etc. Feel free to choose among these, depending on your needs and budget.


Scotland hosts 6 international airports as well as 12 domestic airports. You can thus travel from one city to another, or even to the surrounding islands, by air if you wish. You will be delighted to travel to Barra which is a unique airport worldwide, located on the beach. Before choosing your airline company, take the time to compare flight rates on the Internet.

 Useful link:

Our Airports ourairports.com


If you wish to discover the beautiful Scottish landscape, the train may be the ideal means of transport for you. These can also take you to the 7 major cities. Specific lines are also available for those having to travel from the North to the South and from East to West.

Tickets can be purchased at train stations, in big travel agencies, by phone or on the Internet, as well as on automatic vending machines requiring debit or credit cards.

Three types of train tickets are available:

  • standard tickets which can be used anytime during the day
  • off peak hours tickets which are cheaper can can be used during specific hours
  • first class tickets that will allow you enjoy additional space as well as an electric socket and even free drinks sometimes.

 Useful links:

Virgin www.virgintrainseastcoast.com
National Rail www.nationalrail.co.uk


Most big Scottish cities and villages are served by coast services provided by several companies. You can thus travel by coach bus to cover both long and short distances. Tickets can be purchased on the Internet, by phone, at bus stations, or even on board. Nevertheless, you are advised to reach the station early to secure a more comfortable seat. If you are likely to travel often, you can also benefit from attractive packages.

 Useful links:

Scottish Citylink www.citylink.co.uk
Stagecoach www.stagecoachbus.com
Megabus uk.megabus.com
National Express www.nationalexpress.com


If you have a valid driver's license, you will perhaps want to drive, whether you have bought to rented a car. You should not have to worry about the road infrastructure as the country has a wide and well-maintained road network. In all cases, remember that:

  • you will be driving on the left side
  • roads are equipped with automatic radars
  • speed is limited at 48km/h (30 mph) in cities, 96km/h (60 mph) on one-way traffic roads and 112km/h (70 mph) on two-way traffic roads and highways
  • a maximum of 0,8g/L of alcohol is tolerated
  • there is no priority on the right but there are many stops
  • pedestrians have priority only when they are in the traffic
  • on one-way traffic roads, “passing places” refer to overtaking spaces or give way to oncoming traffic.

 Useful link:

AA Roadwatch www.theaa.com


If you wish to explore the country, why not try the sea route? If you wish to travel along with your car, advance booking is highly recommended. You are also advised to check your baggage allowance, boarding time, and even weather forecasts in case of cancellation. Note that combined train and ferry packages are also available.

 Useful links:

Caledonian MacBrayne www.calmac.co.uk
North Link Ferries www.northlinkferries.co.uk
Stena Line www.stenaline.co.uk
John O'Groats Ferry www.jogferry.co.uk
Pentland Ferries www.pentlandferries.co.uk
Skye Ferry skyeferry.co.uk
Orkney Ferries www.orkneyferries.co.uk


Each Scottish city has its own taxi network. In all cases, you may want to share your taxi with several people so as to reduce your travel fare.


Glasgow is the only Scottish city to host a subway network. Note that a single line is available. However, it can take you anywhere across the city over some 10.4 km.

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