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Can your pet accompany you to Scotland? What are the conditions to be met? Find out in this article.

If you are planning to move to Scotland, you will probably want to take your pet with you. Scotland is rather open towards pets provided they comply with existing conditions.

In case you are traveling with more than five pets or you come from a non-European Union country, you are advised to inquire with Scottish health authorities beforehand. Conditions and formalities may vary according to your country of origin.



To be allowed into Scotland, your pet must be wearing an identification microchip complying with ISO 11784 norms. This microchip is not encrypted and consists of 15 numbers. In case your pet is fitted with another microchip, you are required to bring its own scanner.

As regards pets which are already in the country, according to law, they must be fitted with a microchip as soon as they are 8 weeks' old as at April 2016.

However, your pet will not need a microchip in case it has been properly and clearly tattooed before July 3, 2011 and it has been vaccinated against rabies subsequently.


In case your pet comes from a rabies free country or a country with low risks of rabies, it has to be vaccinated against rabies after being fitted with the microchip. Note that vaccination must take place more than 21 days before its scheduled arrival into Scotland, taking into account the vaccine's expiry date.

If you pet has already been vaccinated against rabies but does not have a microchip, it will have to be fitted with a microchip and vaccinated once again against rabies. Thereafter, you will have to wait for at least 21 days before bringing it to Scotland.

Blood test

As regards pets coming from countries with high rabies prevalence, they have to be fitted with a microchip and vaccinated against rabies. It will then have to undergo a blood test after 30 days. The blood test must be carried out by an approved laboratory.

In case the results are acceptable, you are required to travel to Scotland with your pet within 30 days following the blood test date. If you travel beyond this period, your pet is likely to be quarantined for 3 months.

 Good to know:

A blood test is not required for pets coming from the European Union.

Treatments for dogs

Pets coming from non-European countries must receive treatment against tapeworms before traveling to Scotland. This has to be carried out between 1 and 5 days prior to their scheduled travel date. However, dogs coming from EU countries are exempted from this requirement.


Your pet will need a passport to travel to Scotland. Make sure to request its veterinary to issue a proper passport beforehand.

Prohibited breeds

The following dog breeds are prohibited from entering Scotland:

  • Pitbull Terrier
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Brasileiro

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