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Looking for a job in Glasgow? Find an overview of this Scottish city's labor market in this article.

As the biggest Scottish city, Glasgow has been attracting many foreign professionals over the years. Although Edinburgh is the capital city, Glasgow is deemed to be the third biggest British city after London and Birmingham.

Glasgow used to be a small rural village, located on the Clyde river bank. Following industrial revolution, it has been developing and attracting more and more people. The city and its surroundings rapidly turned into a major chemical, textile and engineering (marine and shipbuilding) hub.

 Good to know:

In the 2012 census, Glasgow had a population of more than 592,000 inhabitants.


Specializing in the services sector, Glasgow is one of the top 20 European business and finance centers, involving more than 50,000 in the city-center on its own.

Glasgow's economy also relies on other sectors such as sciences, trade, engineering, education, tourism, as well as media houses (television, cinema, etc).

As regards education, Glasgow aims at becoming a "Learning City". Indeed, local authorities are planning massive investments in this sector so as to set up child care centers, primary schools, and even tutoring facilities. So why not try you luck in this field if you have the required expertise?

Labor market

Below is a non exhaustive list of companies that you could contact during your job search in Glasgow:

  • Scottish Power – one of the UK's major power suppliers
  • Aggreko – electricity generators specialists
  • Linn Products – audiovisual engineering specialists
  • Clydesdale Bank
  • Edrington – whiskey manufacturer
  • Drambuie
  • Macfarlane – packaging specialist

You will, of course, find more in the useful links listed below.

Find a job

If you are not yet on the spot, you are probably likely to start your job search on the Internet. Feel free to browse offers on the different job websites, as well as professionals social networks such as LinkedIn. The Expat.com Forum can also be of great help during your search.

If you are already in Scotland, you can also check out offers in local newspapers. Word of mouth may also help if you have friends, contacts or relatives in Glasgow. Why not try your luck by sending spontaneous job applications as well? You can start by selecting a few companies in which you might be interested.

You will also find several recruitment agencies in Glasgow. These professionals can assist you in finding the ideal job according to your profile.

 Useful links:

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