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If you have chosen to settle and work in Aberdeen, find out, in this article, how to find a job in this Scottish city.

Bordered by the Northern Sea, Aberdeen is located in the Northeast of the United Kingdom. Thanks to its strategic position, it has become the European offshore petroleum hub.

Aberdeen is definitely one of those great cosmopolitan and modern cities providing quality living to its inhabitants, surrounded by lush green nature. You will with no doubt enjoy your stay there, provided you have sufficient financial means. In fact, rent prices in Aberdeen are 20% higher than the national average, according to specialists.

However, you are likely to enjoy various opportunities in Aberdeen, along with leisure activities. Note that it was recently designated as one of the happiest cities in the UK.

Economy and labor market

Unemployment rate in Aberdeen is rather low compared to other major cities. In 2014, it stood at 3% only. At the national level, it only accounted for 1% of the total active but unemployed population.

Aberdeen's economy relies on several sectors, namely trade and business, shipbuilding, fisheries, as well as textiles and paper production. Moreover, 30% of the country's food and drinks consumption is manufactured and distributed by Aberdeen.

As regards the labor market, energy, including petroleum and gas, is deemed to be the most promising sectors. Indeed, there is an urgent need for skilled and experiences engineers and technicians in several fields. Moreover, many big companies operating across Aberdeen often advertise their job vacancies on their website.

Find a job

Thanks to its economic dynamism and the quality of life it provides to its inhabitants, Aberdeem seems to be the ideal place to live and work in Scotland. Therefore, finding a job there should not be a difficult task.

You can start by browsing offers on the Internet and professional social networks such as LinkedIn. Word of mouth may also help if you have friends, relatives or contacts on the spot.

If you are already in Aberdeen, consider sending spontaneous job applications to companies in which you might be interested. Why not seek the help of a recruitment agency as well?

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