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Finding accommodation abroad can be a quite difficult task. Find out, in this article, how to proceed in Glasgow.

Being the biggest and most densely populated Scottish city, Glasgow attracts expatriates in large numbers every year. Located in the Central Belt, along the Clyde river, it is only 42 kilometers away from Edinburgh, the capital city, in the South, near the Lowlands. According to the latest population census, Glasgow had a population of 599,650 inhabitants in 2014.

As one of the most dynamic and cosmopolitan European cities, Glasgow can be easily accessed by air, train and other means of transport. The city also holds a rich cultural heritage thanks to world famous art collections, music, one of the world's finest art schools, as well as posh boutiques, leisure and sports activities, among others. You will also be delighted by local restaurants where you can discover world cuisine.

On moving to Glasgow, you should also take the time to explore its amazing surroundings, including lochs, old castles, as well as breathtaking lush green natural landscapes. Whether you like fishing, walking, water sports or even golf, you are likely to find all that you need in Glasgow.


Glasgow is divided into several neighborhoods, namely North, South, East, West and the City-center.

Riverside, which is found in the city-center, is definitely the most popular neighborhood in Glasgow. However, you can still find affordable accommodation there as from £ 500 per month. Indeed, Riverside is deemed to be a student area.

If you are moving to Glasgow with your family, you should probably head to Dunbartonshire and East Kilbride, or even to the North and Northeast which are less urban. However, the East is to be avoided due to high insecurity and crime rate.

Find accommodation

It can be quite difficult to find accommodation in Glasgow from abroad. However, you can still browse offers on the Internet. In all cases, you will have to be on the spot to sign the lease document as owners are generally reluctant to rent their property unless they have met the tenant in person.

Once you are on the spot, you will probably stay temporarily at the hotel or with a friend or family. Consider seeking the help of a real estate agency which can help you find accommodation according to your needs and budget. Note that Glasgow's rental market is more dynamic than that of the rest of the country.

If you are renting directly from an owner, make sure to request for his registration number that authorizes him to let his property. You should also visit the premises to make an inventory, and take some pictures if possible. Thereafter, you will sign a lease document, as detailed in the article Accommodation in Scotland.

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