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Located in the Ural region, Yekaterinburg is known to be Russia's third biggest city after Moscow and St Petersburg. Its strategic position on the border between Europe and Asia makes it an important platform for communication between the region and the rest of the country. Yekaterinburg is also crossed by the Trans-Siberian railway network.

Above all, Yekaterinburg is known to be an industrial and research hub. It has various job opportunities are available there for highly qualified professionals.

Yekaterinburg's economy

Yekaterinburg truly stands out from other major Russian cities due to its geographic location. Its population amounts to some 1.4 million inhabitants. The Ural region contributes approximagtely 17% to Russia's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The city hosts many international and local firms where you can apply for a job. Apart from being an industrial center, Yekaterinburg also hosts 38 universities and higher studies institutes which not only welcome foreign students, but also offer job opportunities to foreigners.

Job-hunting in Yekaterinburg

If you are already working for an international company which has a subsidiary in Yekaterinburg, you can start by requesting a transfer. Otherwise, you may check out job offers on the internet and in classified ads in local newspapers. Social networks may also help.

A strong command of Russian and fluency in English are required for foreigners to be hired in Yekaterinburg.

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