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Located at some 860 km from Moscow and close to Kazakhstan's border, Samara's population, to date, stands at approximately 1,169,700 inhabitants. Being among Russia's top 10 cities, Samara has been attracting thousands and thousands of expatriates over the years. Thanks to its developed and dynamic economy, and to its open labour market, the city not only has a high concentration of foreigners, but also hosts many international firms which are likely to create jobs and further stimulate its economy.

Samara's economy

Industry is Samara's main economic pillar. In fact, the city mainly relies on automotive and spacecraft industries. Thus, it is considered to be one of the ten most important cities in terms of industrial production and national income. Among the most productive fields are:

  • motor engines (Kuznetsov Design Bureau)
  • cables (Volgacable, Samara Cable Company)
  • aircraft (Aviakor)
  • aerospace launch vehicles
  • space services (Progress State Research and Production Rocket Space Center)
  • satellites
  • rolled aluminum
  • block-module centrals
  • different sizes of bearings,
  • chocolates (Russia Chocolate Factory)
  • refining
  • chemical and cryogenic products
  • gas pumping units
  • drilling tips
  • automated electrical equipment
  • airfield equipment for airfield (Start factory)
  • cranes mounted on trucks,
  • construction materials
  • Vodka (Rodnik, Vektor)
  • Zhiguli beer,
  • food processing and light industry products, etc.

In fact, Samara consists some 4,000 small enterprises as well as 400 medium and large companies. Hence, finding a job there should not be a complicated task.

Job-hunting in Samara

One of the best methods to be hired in Samara is to ask for a transfer if you are working for an international company which has a subsidiary in the city. You may also send spontaneous job applications to firms operating in the region. You might be lucky if you demonstrate valued skills and competencies, as well as a strong command of Russian and fluency in English.

Otherwise, you can check out job offers on the internet and classified ads in local newspapers. Registering with a recruitment agency may also help. But you will need some patience as well.

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