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What are the types of accommodation that are available in Bucharest? How to proceed to look for accommodation? Find out in this article.

Bucharest, the Romanian capital city, is the country's most developed and dynamic region. Indeed, the city is very modern and developed while preserving its folk aspect. It is an interesting place to discover, whether you are making a long or short stay there. Bucharest hosts many places of interest that attract large numbers of tourists every year. You are also likely to find many shopping malls which once used to be local retail shops.

If you intend to settle in Bucharest, finding accommodation will be one of your main priorities. Make sure to inquire on the different neighborhoods so as to determine which one will best suit your needs, bearing in mind its proximity to your place of work or your children's school, etc. It is also recommended that you choose an accommodation that is easily accessible via public transport networks (although Bucharest is well served by the subway network), and make sure that a garage or parking spaces are available.


Bucharest is divided into six administrative districts which, in turn, consist of many neighborhoods. Note that these six districts go in a circular way over Bucharest's territory.

For instance, District 1, which is found in the North, includes the following: Aviatorilor, Aviatiei, Baneasa, Bucarest Noi, Damaroaia, Domenii, Dorobanti, Northern Station, Grivita, Victoire, Pajura, Pipera, Primaverii, Chitila and part of Giulesti.

District 2, in the East for its part, includes Pantelimon, Colentina, Iancului, Tei, Fundeni and Floreasca.

District 3, which is also in the East, consists of Vita, Dudesti, Titan, Balta Alba and the Civic Center while District 4, in the South, includes Berceni, Oltenitei, Giurgiului, Cavarest, Timpuri Noi and Tineretului.

District 5, in the South as well, groups the following neighborhoods: Rahova, Ferentari, Giurgiului and Cotoceni.

Finally, District 6, which is in the West, includes Drumul Taberei, Ghencea, Militari, Crangasi and the other part of Giulesti.

 Good to know:

As the city is undergoing continuous development, it has been transformed into a construction site with new residential and office building projects, especially in the city's outskirts and in the North and East.

You are more likely to find expatriates in the North of Bucharest, due to the presence of more comfortable and apartments and secure villas. In the city center, however, most available housing units are old, have been renovated and do not have a garden.

Rent prices

Rent prices in Bucharest are particularly high, unlike in other major Romanian cities. However, these remain very affordable compared to other major European cities. Hence, you can rent a single or two-bedroom apartment for some 1,500 lei per month. Given the number of students in the city, rent prices for studios revolve around 450 and 500 lei per month, but these are quite rare. Therefore, most students prefer flat-sharing and home-stay which are quite common in Romania nowadays.

Find accommodation

If you are moving to Bucharest for the first time, it is best to register with a real estate agency which can help you find ideal accommodation according to your criteria and budget. Indeed, these will not only provide you with advice but also assist you with lease procedures. However, you are required to pay agency fees which are generally equal to a month's half or full rent. In some cases, owners can request you to make an advance payment of three month's rent.

Otherwise, you can browse housing offers on the Internet thanks to numerous housing websites and other virtual platforms. Feel free to check classified ads in local newspapers as well, even if it means that you have to be quite patient.

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