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Looking for accommodation in Galati? Here is some information on its different neighborhoods and on current rent prices.

Galati, which is found in the South of Moldavia, on the left bank of the Danube river, is one of the major Romanian cities. It is, above all, known to be an industrial hub which is specialized in naval construction and steel industry. Unlike other cities such as Cluj and Constanta, Galati does not host many places of interest. However, it is almost as densely populated as the other major cities, with some 330,000 inhabitants, to date.


Galati consists of some 20 neighborhoods, including some subdivisions. Among the most popular neighborhoods, you have Port, the City center and Danube. The City Center, for its part, is subdivided into three zones, namely the Station the Rizer Park and the University Campus.

Note that Galati hosts an efficient public transport network including tramway, buses and trolleybuses. Given that it is mainly an industrial city, these serve the most important and dynamic neighborhoods, namely Traian Nord, Aviatiei, the C.F.R. Station, Piata Energiei and Combinat Siderurgic.

Types of accommodation

As Galati was seriously affected by the Second World War during the Communist era, several low income housing units were built. Thus, you can still find many apartment buildings in this city. But in some neighborhoods, you can also find well maintained residential complexes. In others, many apartments have been abandoned due to lack of funds.

Over the years, many expatriates have settled across the city in different residential buildings. However, given the absence of English schools, most of them have preferred to settle in Bucharest which is found at only four hours away by car.

Rent prices

The city does not provide a variety of accommodation options, especially in terms of looks, quality and comfort, unlike other cities. However, rent prices are quite high compared to the rest of the country. Hence, you can pay some 900 lei for a studio and around 1,350 lei for a three-bedroom apartment in the city center. In the outskirts, on the other hand, rent prices are quite lower, reaching an average of 525 lei for a studio and 775 lei for a three-bedroom apartment.

Find accommodation

You will have more chances of finding accommodation according to your criteria by checking classified ads in local newspapers or by registering with a local real estate agency. You can find a list of local real estate agencies in online directories. But you can still browse offers on the Internet although Galati is less popular than other Romanian cities. Many owners tend to advertise their offers on housing websites and other virtual platforms.


As housing offers and conditions in Galati are quite restrictive, you are advised to inspect the premises thoroughly, and why not proceed with an inventory, before signing the lease contract.

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