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Finding accommodation is not a difficult task with appropriate planning. Here are some tips to guide you through your search.

Located in the West of Transylvania, the country of the legendary Dracula, Constanta is one of the major Romanian cities. It is deemed to be the country's fifth most dynamic city, hosting its fourth biggest port, and welcoming worldwide foreigners, including tourists, workers and even students. Its population, to date, amounts to more than 300,000 inhabitants, including expatriates.

By moving there, you will be entitled to some 500 educational institutions, several places of interest, among which monuments that have Byzantine, Orthodox and Islamic influences. You will also find industries that are involved in transformation and equipment manufacturing. In short, Constanta is a very dynamic and diverse city, both in terms of population and environment.


Constanta is known to be Romania's administrative center. It is divided into several neighborhoods, namely Centru, C.E.T, Abator, Energia, Boreal Palas, Port; Tomis I, Tomis II, Tomis III, Tomis IV, North Tomis, Trocadero, Victoria, among others. Most neighborhoods are easily accessible by train via the Bucharest-Mangalia rapid train line. But you can also move around by bus, taxi, or by car.

The public transport network consists of 23 bus lines and a single tourist bus line. Moreover, some neighborhoods are served by minibuses, especially those which are not easily accessible by bus. Therefore, accessibility should not be a major issue when moving to any of these neighborhoods. However, you are advised to choose the best neighborhood for you and your family, taking into account their proximity to your place of work and your children's school, etc.

Types of accommodation

Unlike in other major Romanian cities, you are likely to find a range of accommodation options in Constanta, namely studios, apartments, houses, vacation rentals, home-stay, and even flat-sharing. Renting a studio or an apartment can prove to be a real advantage in terms of the lifestyle you are seeking, especially if you are looking forward for more freedom and privacy.

Rent prices

Rent prices generally vary from one neighborhood to another, as it is the case in other cities. Therefore, you can rent a studio for some 740 lei per month in the city center and around 725 lei per month in the outskirts. For a three-bedroom apartment, you will need some 1,500 lei per month in the city center and around 1,000 lei per month in the outskirts.

Find accommodation

As Constanta is a popular city, especially due to its tourism aspect and for the fact that it attracts foreign workers and students as well, you should have no trouble in finding housing offers on the Internet. Indeed, you will come across several housing websites, as well as other virtual platforms. You can as well check out offers in classified ads in local newspapers. However, you are advised to be careful as many ads are posted by real estate agencies rather than individuals.

Finally, registering with a real estate agency will help you find accommodation according to your criteria and budget more rapidly. Nevertheless, you are required to pay agency fees which are generally equal to a month's half or full rent.

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