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Wondering how to find accommodation in Timisoara, which is one of Romania's most active cities? Find some tips in this article.

Located in the West of Romania, Timisoara is a very bustling city displaying a vibrant lifestyle. Its different neighborhoods are easily accessible by several means of transport, including tramways, trolleybuses and buses. You can even find several taxi companies, as well as independent drivers providing transport everywhere across the city.

Nicknamed the City of Roses, Timisoara is a very flowered city, hosting several parks and gardens. As a contrast, huge shopping malls and other commercial buildings, especially in the city center and its immediate outskirts, give it an urban style. Thus, you will definitely enjoy your stay, regardless of its length, in this modern and dynamic city.


Timisoara consists of several neighborhoods, but Fabric, Cetate and Iosefin are the most important ones. Indeed, Fabric has been the city's most popular neighborhood in the 19th century. Nowadays, it still hosts many ancient buildings that require renovation. Moreover, most middle-class people live in this neighborhood.

Cetate, for its part, is located in the city center. It is, in fact, deemed to be Timisoara's cultural, administrative and political center. Moreover, most expatriates living and working in the city have settled there. Being a very developed neighborhood, it hosts a public hospital, the prefecture, as well as the Romanian National Bank's building, and the Faculty of Medicine, etc.

Finally, Iosefin, which is found in the South-east of Timisoara, is a reflection of the city's rural part, including many ancient buildings that you can visit, as well as a range of accommodation options.

Rent prices

When looking for accommodation in Timisoara, you have to bear in mind that rent prices generally vary from one neighborhood to another. These often depend on the security, dynamism and popularity aspects. But in all cases, rent prices in Timisoara are lower than those practiced in Bucharest and Cluj.

For instance, you can rent a studio in the city center for around 1,000 lei while the same can cost some 700 lei in the outskirts that are well served by public transport networks. As regards a two-bedroom apartment, it can cost around 1,650 lei in the city center and some 1,100 lei in the outskirts.

Find accommodation

Although Timisoara is a very popular city, its real estate and rental market are poorly promoted. But you can still find some ads in local newspapers. You can as well register with a real estate agency which can help you find accommodation in the city and advise you regarding your choice. Note that flat-sharing is also a common practice in Timisoara, like in the rest of the country. In fact, many students who understand Romanian try their luck by posting their ads on the PubliTim website.

 Good to know:

In case you prefer to seek the help of a real estate agency, you will have to pay agency fees which are usually equal to a month's half or full rent.

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